mother's day 2013.

Mother's Day is my favorite holiday!  Because being a mother is my favorite thing.
My love language was filled to the brim, getting to spend the whole day with both of my men.
After sleeping in I opened my gifts (perfume from Joey, a book from Shepherd, a scarf from my fam that my mom had brought up last weekend, and a necklace from myself! ;)
Then we got ready for our day and headed to brunch at First Watch.  One of my favorite restaurants that Joey doesn't like, so we never go!  

Shepherd spent the whole meal reminding us why we shouldn't think going out to eat is ever a good idea.  Do other babies stay in the high chair?  Because Shep just climbs out, causing us to take turns eating while the other tries to keep him in the seat.  On the plus side, Shep got lots of practice using his flirty face.
 After lunch we headed downtown to an art fair.  
Wooden airplane!
There was a petting zoo with llamas and sheep and goats, but Shepherd liked the bunnies the most.

We were reminded what a pretty city we live in, that we do not take enough advantage of.  We walked around downtown and looked at the old beautiful homes.

When we got home we took Shepherd's birthday wagon from Nana out on its maiden voyage.
The creek by our house:

I loved spending the whole day with my two boys.  Thank you Joey for my perfect day!


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  2. This really does look like the perfect day! And how can Joey not like First Watch? It's delicious breakfast food! Does he not like breakfast? ;)

    Love your dress and shoes! And Shepherd is getting so big, where is the time going?! So glad you had a great Mother's Day!

    1. I know! He always says, "I can make you some eggs that don't cost $26" Haha! Worth every penny in my opinion :)

  3. So glad you had a nice Mother's Day. Just FYI: you should frame and hang that last photo of the 3 of you somewhere....gorgeous family photo!