My baby is ONE.

Today is my baby's first birthday.
I think when you become a parent, all of a sudden all of those cliche sayings become true...something you can't explain unless you are a parent.

I honestly believe Shepherd is a sweet angel on Earth.
I honestly know he will not know how much I love him until he has his own baby.
I honestly don't know where the time has gone.

Since Shepherd Nash came into our lives, I am happier than I've ever been.  But better than that, I have more joy than I ever though possible, down deep into my heart and soul.
Words cannot express how much I love this precious boy.
I enjoy each and every minute with him. 
He still feels brand new to me, I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.
The beautiful blue skies, the anticipation, the excitement.
Bringing him home, all of my hormones out of whack and crying as I rocked him to sleep.  
Crying when his umbilical cord fell off because he was just growing up too fast.
I don't think it had set in yet, "oh, I get to KEEP him?  He is mine, forever?"

I pray every day for Shepherd.  As I nurse him to sleep and hold his sweet innocent self next to me, I go over the day in my head, thanking God, and asking Him for another tomorrow, to watch over my baby as he sleeps.

Shepherd Nash, you are so funny.  I pray you always have the carefree spirit you have now.  You have no worries.  You are handsome, fearless, loving, sweet, smart, brave, strong, a beautiful beautiful boy.
You are obsessed with your mommy.  You laugh the most and talk the most with Daddy.  You have a little mischeivious streak in you.  You like to play games with us, and giggle so hard when you know you're doing something you shouldn't, like finding my cell phone and crawling to hide as fast as you can.  I don't know why, but one of my favorite things is to watch you play by yourself.  You make your way through all of your toys, and your favorites are your books.  I love watching you look so serious as you turn each page on your own.  One day you will be such a good big brother.  You LOVE other babies.  Oh, and you are such a flirt!!  I might have my hands full one day!  Whenever we are out, you zero in on any girl you can find and stare her down until she notices you, which doesn't ever
take long.  You cock your head to the side and give a little smile...oh you are a flirt!
Maybe my very favorite thing, is when you give unsolicited kisses.  It warms my heart and soul!  Sometimes, for good measure, you give me two! One right after the other.  The first time you say "I love you" I'll probably combust.  I've never seen a little boy as busy as you.  I am not exaggerating when I say you never.stop.moving.  Which means, you hate cuddling.  Why, why, why?  If you ever have a rare moment of letting us squeeze you, your dad and I look at each other and say, "does this count as cuddling?"  My favorite word is hearing you say, "mama."  You say it all the time.  I was very proud that it was your first word.  Sometimes its, "mehmeh" "mamamamama" or occasionaly, "ma-maaaaa."  You love to point.  You point your finger, I say what it is, then you move on to the next thing.  You especially like pointing at the light every morning.  You have always loved sitting on the changing table by the window.  You love the outdoors.  I see a future of dirt and bugs and rocks and all sorts of little boy treasures.  You hate being tied down.  Its very hard to change your diaper!  And while you like walks, you only tolerate them for so long.  You really want to be exploring, not stuck in the stroller!

This past year has flown by (cliche saying again).  Every new stage you enter is more fun than the last. Now our home is strewn with toys and baby gear and discarded cheerios. I love it.  The greatest gift I have ever received is getting to be your mother.
Thank you Jesus for my sweet baby boy.

Happy birthday Shepherd Nash.
I love you!!


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