on shep's actual birthday

I had plans for us to try out his new kiddie pool and go to the park so he could swing...but the weather did not cooperate and it rained pretty much the entire day.
We made the most of it, relaxing and playing inside until Daddy got home.

 ^^^ That happy little face is my favorite thing ^^^

^^^ Got in an extra bath just for fun since we couldn't use the pool ^^^
 ^^^ Had a blast pulling out all of the laundry and playing in the basket.  Now if I could just teach him to fold! ^^^

^^^ Happy happy when Daddy got home ^^^
^^^ Mommy got to pick the restaurant (Red Lobster), since she was the one doing all the work a year ago today!  We took this pic at exactly 6:31pm.  Officially a year old! ^^^
^^^ Went to Joseph Beth to pick out a birthday present.  He had the time of his life pulling all of the stuffed animals off the shelves. ^^^
^^^ But the most fun was this little train table.  He loved it! ^^^

^^^ Finished off the day with more bath time, his favorite, and this fun little light up fountain he got at his party. ^^^

A low key day to celebrate a year with my favorite little man!


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