Shep's Circus: Decor

We had Shepherd's first (!!!) birthday party this past weekend.  His actual birthday is this coming Friday, but with Mother's Day and a few other things, we decided to celebrate early.
When trying to decide on a theme for the party, I first dismissed the circus idea.  My thought was, I loved that theme so much that I should wait and use it when he is a little older.  Then I remembered that my husband has a Luau themed birthday party for himself every year.  Why not do the same thing for Shep?  I think its kind of cool to have your own theme!  At least until he is old enough to choose his party theme on his own, I thought it would be fun to hold "Shep's Circus" every year.  Plus, I can reuse decorations and as the kids get older, it will be so fun to come up with games!

Yard sign from Oriental Trade Company.  Turned into a plant sign because of the rain!
Joey put this sign together all on his own, he even came up with the poem and #hashtag idea.
"We would greatly appreciate it
And hope it doesn't cause a fuss
If you would take lots of pictures
Of Shepherd's circus"

I made the "1" and attached it to a wreath we already had.  I could do a tutorial if anyone is interested, but it was really easy!
A pinterest idea!  I was obsessed with this precious little banner with a picture of Shep each month.

Growing up, I got a Precious Moments circus animal for each birthday.  Mom brought it up to display at the party and I thought it would be sweet to put out every year.  Probably the only use for something like this.  Those are also a few pictures of me around a year old, as Shep is turning more and more into my mini-me every day.
Our photo booth!  I didn't feel the need to set up a camera, since everyone would just use their phone anyway.  I got cheap dollar store plastic tablecloths to use as the backdrop.  I also got a ton of funny dollar store props to use.  Below is my cute nephew, I don't know how I convinced him to pose for a picture!

^^This would have been more fun if it wasn't raining and we could have put it outside.  My mom works at a school and they had some sort of carnival recently.  Mom borrowed this little clown bean bag toss for the party.
Another Oriental Trading Company purchase.  Seriously check out that site, everything is very inexpensive!  I think this cost less than $5!  Everyone had fun posing for pictures with the face in hole.
I wanted to spruce up Shepherd's high chair a bit and my sis-in-law had the idea to just pin fabric over the seat.  I used clothespins for the top and bottom fabric.  Super easy, I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby.
I wanted to display Shepherd's chair pictures I take every month, since a few people at the party aren't on facebook to see them.  My dad used an extra tablecloth to cover up the door for a little backdrop.
I never would have thought of this, but got the idea off pinterest (where else) to decorate with construction paper garlands.  I put my mom and sister to work making those and we just draped them all over the house. (No problem delegating here, haha!)
Um, do you see that vintage style popcorn machine back there?  Why did I not get a close up shot?  One of our friends had it and offered to bring it over and set it up for the party.  (Oh he also brought homemade pimento cheese that was delicous!)  Love!!  The whole house smelled like fresh popcorn, just like at the circus!  I purchased the popcorn bags from Amazon for about $4.
Check out the smash cake and cupcakes above.  Yet another friend offered to make these for the party. I just have the best (talented!) friends.  The little smash cake was so cute for Shepherd and those cupcakes!  She had the idea to make them look like snowcones! Perfect!  Even the liners for the cupcakes were snowcone cups.
I didn't go all out with food because the party was at 2:00.  Just the popcorn and cupcakes I mentioned, ham sandwiches, pimento cheese sandwiches, potato chips and chips and salsa.
We found vintage style drink stickers also from Oriental Trading Company that we put on beer and Ale-8s.  If you can tell, stuck on each straw was a clown face!  (Hobby Lobby!)

Well, thats all of our circus decor, next I'll share some party pictures!



  1. Oh my gosh- so darn cute!!! I loved my invitation- I so wish I could have been there!! Big kisses to Shep!!

  2. So, so cute!!! What a fun party!