a couple of random things lately.

Rather than try to catch up from my non blogging, I'm just going to share a couple of random things happening over here!

- Shepherd loves to pull the hinge out of his closet door and play with it.  (Other favorite toys include Daddy's wallet and kitchen spoons...seriously why buy toys?)  I always let him take the hinge out, because why intervene on fun play, right?  Well because now it is LOST causing his closet door to not open.  If anyone sees us and wonders what in the world my child is wearing, know the hinge has still not been found!
(refused to put down that spoon, even at the playground!)

- Father's Day was a lot of fun.  We went to church the night before, so Sunday we just relaxed as a family.  We took Joey to his favorite restaurant (Texas Roadhouse) for lunch.  I loved the way his gift turned out:

I had the book made at Walmart, but I also like to use Shutterfly and Pinhole Press.

-Also on Father's Day weekend, we had to make a visit to Joey's favorite place...Lowes.  He decided we needed to buy a tree, so the three of us drove the half hour home like this:

- Joey's company had their summer picnic and it was so fun.  I kept thinking about when Shepherd is older how much he would enjoy it.  They had huge bouncy houses, a watermelon eating contest, snow cones, yummy food...and best of all a fun petting "zoo."  People from the aquarium came and Shep got to pet a penguin!

- Shepherd's pen pal, Lacey in the City, sent him the CUTEST birthday package.

- Joey plays a lot of tennis, and his games are usually past bedtime.  But now that it is summer they are having them earlier, so Shepherd and I get to go watch.  I am so excited for the day Shepherd takes his first tennis lesson.

-Shep has been eating a lot more and he is a MESS.  I usually just stick him right in the bath after he eats and hose him down.  Here he is signing "more" with banana all over his face!


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