happy birthday to my husband!

Happy birthday to my favorite person!

Who is the best daddy to our little boy.
Who always lets me pick the movie.
Who gets up in the middle of the movie to get me a snack, or chapstick, or whatever else I'm needing.
Who makes up silly songs about 14 times a day.
Who has the best green thumb, and loves working outside in the yard.
Who is the only person to bring out my goofy side.
Who woos me.
Who makes me laugh every day.
Who jumps up with excitement to get Shepherd when he wakes up from a nap.
Who works so hard and makes me so proud.
Who is a good friend.
Who watches Animal Planet every night before bed.
Who makes me feel cherished.
Who makes Shepherd laugh harder than anyone else.
Who can fix anything.
Who can tell you the name of any plant.
Who always lets Shepherd sit in his lap at restaurants when he won't stay in the high chair.
Who will always force us to own a fish.
Who motivates me.
Who has redone every room in our house.
Who knows all the best songs before they are popular.
Who is the most handsome man I've ever met.

I love you, Joey!

P.S. How lucky is he to be born on the first day of Summer, the longest day of the year!?


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