memorial day weekend

I've been MIA for awhile now.  Thought I would check in and share some pictures from Memorial Day weekend.  I know I'm behind, but I've been sick going on 2 weeks now!  I've got a nasty cold I can't kick and Shepherd has been sick too.  Poor guy has his first ear infection. It took me over a week before I decided we both needed to go to the doctor, because it seemed such a hassle over a cold.  Did I mention I also somehow got pink eye??  How? 
Hopefully we will be back to the land of the living soon. Its miserable to be cooped up inside when its so nice out!

Memorial Day we tried out Shep's new pool he got for his birthday.  He had so much fun!  Talk about a good way to wear out your baby.  Sun + water = Exhausted = Long nap!

Earlier in the weekend Joey and I got to have a date night because my fam was in town and we had a babysitter.  I could tell I was getting sick because after dinner I decided to skip the movie because I just didn't feel up to it.  So we still haven't seen The Great Gatsby :(


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