1st trimester summary + pregnancy update

To summarize my first trimester, it was much different from my pregnancy with Shepherd.  I was so sick for about weeks 4-6.  Not morning sickness, just SICK and couldn't get over it.  I was miserable but didn't take any medicine.  I finally went to my doctor and was prescribed a Z-pack, but after researching the risks, deciding against taking it, and ultimately decided to switch practices (more on that later).  After nearly 3 weeks I got over my sickness, and up until the second trimester had pretty much no appetite and felt nauseous all day.  I also was exhausted on a level that was INSANE.  I didn't experience that with Shep, but I guess running after him all day + first trimester wore me out.  Both my mom and grandma came and stayed with me on different occasions to help out.  (And when my grandma was here, Joey got spoiled by having all of his shirts ironed, something I never do! ;) 
I'm lucky that, same with Shep, I only threw up a few times.  Smells really bother me.  Meat disgusts me.  Happy to be in the second trimester now and feeling better.

How far along: 14 weeks + 5 days

Size of baby: Naval orange (4.5 inches, 2-3 oz)

Maternity clothes: Not yet

Sleep: Great!  Although I've had a lot of anxiety lately, making it hard to fall back to sleep if Shepherd wakes me up.  I just lay there and can't shut my mind off!

Cravings: None.  Not craving sweets like I did with Shepherd.

Symptoms: Loss of appetite.  Heightened sense of smell.  I feel like I've been moody!

Gender: BOY
(We have a name picked out, but still working on a middle name.  I have a middle name I'm obsessed with but Joey doesn't like it.  He liked it for a day and got me all excited then changed his mind!)

Due date: January 23rd

Again, I have an anterior placenta.  I also had this with Shepherd.  What that means, in most pregnancies, the baby is in the front and the placenta is in the back.  For me, the placenta is in the front and baby in the back.  That doesn't mean anything for the health of the baby, but because the placenta is in the front it will block the baby's movement, making it hard for me to feel him.  I didn't feel Shepherd move until I was pretty far along, and it was never like what you hear described.  Joey couldn't feel Shep move a lot.  I know a lot of people have told me this is a blessing in disguise.  I won't be kept up with a baby kicking me, blah blah.  But I am so disappointed.  I feel like I'm missing out. Ugh it really makes me sad.  Not to mention I've read anterior placentas can make you more likely to have back labor, which I had with Shepherd, and it was NO JOKE.

OK, its too much to include in one blog post, but coming up:
Opting for a VBAC
Why I switched doctors
Baby's name
My #1 anxiety right now and why my fam/friends think I'm crazy
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a very hard decision.

For the past couple of months we've been struggling with a tough decision.  I am not proud of it and wish it could have been different, but we spent a lot of time deciding what we should do.  We prayed and talked and thought about what would be best for each member of our family.  We made the decision to find our St. Bernard, Chauncey a new home.  It has been heart breaking.  Although I know and am so thankful for a peace about our decision, it doesn't make it any less sad.  I've cried and cried, almost daily since we listed him on the adoption website.

Chauncey was always mine.  Joey got him when he was in college, but it didn't matter because he belonged to me.  Even before we were married, Chauncey chose me.  He loved me the most.  He was the first dog I ever really loved.  I grew up with family pets, but I'm not a dog person.  I'm sorry but I'm just not.  But Chauncey was my sweet angel and I loved him so much.  Before Joey and I were married, when I was at Joey's house, he followed me around, not Joey or his roommates.  He was just mine.  And now he's not mine. And it literally breaks my heart.

When we had Shepherd, it became too hard to give attention to our two dogs.   A little dog we could have, but not a 150+ lb St. Bernard plus our Bassett Hound, Blue.  So for over a year, we have been neglecting our pups.  I hated that. 
When I got pregnant with our second, we started thinking maybe we should find a new home for Chauncey.  We don't have the room for two dogs, one toddler and one baby and two adults.  I didn't see our situation changing.  A St. Bernard is a lot to handle, there is always hair, always drool, always dirt tracked in.  Chauncey by himself might have been different, but he and Blue riled each other up so neither of them would ever just come in and relax.  I didn't feel comfortable having two dogs and my baby crawling on the floor.  Chauncey wouldn't hurt a fly, he is the most gentle soul, but not the most gentle size...he's huge!

I prayed about his new family.  With the website I listed him on I got to choose who he would go to.  I ideally wanted a family with children old enough to love on him and give him the attention he deserved.  When I listed him I didn't expect an immediate response, but within 24 hours I had about ten calls, emails and texts.  It was overwhelming, I was still processing giving up my pup.  But the weirdest thing happened, as I was getting so many interested people, this one woman emailed me who sounded perfect, and after that not one more person called me.  I think it was meant to be.  This woman had three children and room for Chauncey to run outside and a creek by their house.  Just what I wanted for him.  We emailed back and forth and decided to meet up at the dog park so her family could meet Chauncey.
The mom said her kids were so excited they didn't sleep.  They took him that day.  I wept the whole way home.  I had a headache for the entire day from crying so much.
I hate that it came to this.  I don't see pets as disposable at all.  But we were never going to be able to give him the attention a 6 year old little boy can.  I feel good about where he is now, that he is getting all the attention he deserves, that we couldn't provide any longer.  I've spoken to his new owner since and he is being spoiled with belly rubs and every day car rides.  I will always love my Chauncey.

I want to share one memory of him.  One day I was wearing a long necklace and reached down to pet him.  He somehow got his paw stuck in my necklace and we couldn't get it out.  I was screaming for my mom to come help me.  I think most dogs would have been spazzing out.  He completely outweighed me and easily could have hurt me trying to untangle himself.  I had to almost lay on the floor because of the way we were connected.  But he was completely calm and stayed so still so I could untangle us.  Then when it was over, he punished himself and hid in the dining room for the entire day!  I kept going in there and telling him it was an accident and I wasn't mad, that he could come out, but he felt so bad he just stayed in there.  He was the best dog.

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The Mrs. Lawhorn Show

This is the post in which I try to convince you I am like Beyonce ;)
At least in one tiny little way.

If I could be anyone else in the world, it would for SURE be Queen Bey.

So now, the evidence:
I always told Joey that if we ever had a daughter, I wanted her name to be Blue.
It would have been after my beloved Bonnie Blue Butler from Gone With the Wind.
So after I really made sure that no meant no, and I wasn't changing his mind, I named our dog Blue. 
I had to get it in somewhere.

So imagine how I felt when MRS. CARTER herself named her daughter Blue!!!
I may be a Beyonce, but I guess I didn't marry a Jay-Z ;)

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Baby #2 is a...


 So I am only 14 weeks now, which makes it really early to know the gender.  The doctor won't do the anatomy ultrasound until 20 weeks, and where I live, even to pay to find out early, you have to be at least 16 weeks.
But my doctor asked if we would like to have a bloodwork test done to check for any abnormalities, Downs syndrome, stuff like that, and I said yes.  Lucky me, this new test could also tell gender!  My doctor said it is 99% accurate, so even though its early, its trustworthy!  The test is called MaterniT21.

Thank you Lord, all of the tests came back negative and our little boy is healthy!
When the doctor called to tell me the test results, I asked if she would mind not telling me the gender over the phone.  Instead I asked if she would write down the gender and seal it in an envelope, so Joey and I could open it together.  It didn't sound like fun to find out such life changing news over the phone, by myself.

Can I just say, I have amazing self control!!  I went and picked up that envelope, and had it with me all day waiting for Joey to get home from work!  I was going crazy knowing that there was someone in the world who knew what my baby was, and it wasn't ME, the Mama!!

To distract myself while I waited for him to get home, I went to Kroger to buy some blue and pink balloons to decorate the front porch for Joey to see when he pulled up.  Now please imagine me in 90 degree heat, carrying a toddler + 6 balloons on a windy afternoon, trying to get the balloons to stay in the car while holding Shep.  Then trying to get Shep in the carseat, when all he wanted to do was play with the balloons.  I think the guy parking next to me thought I was abusing my child trying to get him in the carseat!

Well those balloons started popping almost as soon as I got them in place (thanks Kroger lady who told me they would last 10 hours outside in the heat) so I had to bring them in.  2 of the pink balloons popped first which made me think maybe it meant something!

When Joey got home, we opened the envelope first thing!  Again, we tried to make a video of ourselves but Joey forgot to press the record button.  I wasn't too upset, because like I mentioned yesterday, there is nothing too exciting about either of our reactions, EVER ;)

So now we are going to be parents of TWO little boys, under the age of TWO!
We are going to have our hands full!  Not to mention I will be outnumbered.  But I am so excited Shepherd is going to have a brother so close in age.  They will have so much fun playing together :)

I think he looks like Shepherd.  I may just have another little clone of me and people will wonder where Joey came from ;)

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Our family is growing!

Baby #2 will be here in January!

^^ After my first doctor appointment at 8 weeks ^^

OK, let me back up and start from the beginning!  I've been keeping this in for awhile and would like to have a record of everything up to this point!!
For todays post...
The day I found out I was pregnant:

I found out I was pregnant the day after Mother's Day.  I took one of my dollar store pregnancy tests at 7:30am not thinking much about it.  We had planned on waiting a few more months to officially start "trying."  I almost didn't take it because I thought, "this is a waste of money" then I remembered...DOLLAR store.  There was a definite double pink line!  Joey was already at work, so there was no one to tell but Shepherd.  He didn't seem to care ;)  I put him in the car still in his pajamas, me practically in mine and drove to Walmart for some back up pregnancy tests to confirm.  I can imagine what I looked like, in our pj's, forgot to put my wedding ring on, buying 3 different brands of pregnancy tests at 7:45am.
Back home we went and I took all of my pregnancy tests, then lined them up next to each other.  All positive!

Now let me tell you something.  I have been made fun of for my Dollar store pregnancy tests.  But after buying 4 different kinds, and seeing them all next to each other, the most distinctly positive test was my Dollar store test!  (Other than the digital tests that actually say "Pregnant") So why waste your money!  That is my money saving tip for you ;)

So, finding out you're pregnant at 7:30am, makes for a VERY long day.  I couldn't wait for Joey to get home.  I tried to think of a cute way to tell him, but everything seemed so cheesy to me.
Neither Joey or I ever have really big, great reactions to anything.  We are both pretty calm.
I set up our camera anyway, to film his reaction.  Umm, I never want anyone to see that video because it is so lame!
As soon as Joey walked in the door and sat down, I handed him my phone with the ^above^ picture pulled up of my pregnancy tests, and said, "what do you think about this?"
He just looked at it and said, "what is it?"
I was like (in my head), "really?! what other reason would I have to show you 4 positive pregnancy tests?"
But I just sat there and waited for him to figure it out.  Finally I told him they were my tests and that we were pregnant!  He didn't even get up off the couch, he was in shock.  I guess I shouldn't have told him as soon as he walked in the door ;)
OK, sorry that was literally the most boring story ever.  Trust me, I know.  It was anti climatic to be there, too.

^^ pictures we took right after I told Joey ^^

I am currently 13 weeks + 6 days!

So excited and thankful for our growing family!!
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Shepherd at 14 months.

This little stinker is now 14 months old!
(that would be a slice of orange on his face that he was oblivious to!)

At 14 months he can say 13 words:
Dada (pronounced Gah Gah, as we have trouble with D's)
Kitty Cat (obsessed! and the first time he has put 2 different words together)
GiGi (my mom)
Cookie (as in his Aunt Caity's nickname, not because I feed him sweets!)
Grayson (his favorite little friend!)

I'm scared to actually put this out here...but he is a great sleeper! Naps and bedtime are a piece of cake.

He for the first time has started acting upset to be left in the nursery at church.  It is the saddest thing, as soon as we walk in and start the check in process, his little lip starts to quiver and his eyes well up with big crocodile tears.  I still make him go, but if his daddy is the one dropping him off, Shep ends up in church with us:

He is in love with Blue.  Every morning as soon as he wakes up he starts asking for her. Boo?  Boo?

He had his first haircut, given by me!  I hated to cut it, but he still has his curls, and no longer has a mullet!

He has two little teeth! They are on the front bottom and crooked as can be.  This is the shape they are in: "^" An upside down V!  He never even acting fussy, I just looked one day and there they were! 

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iphone photo dump

In honor of the fact that as soon as Shep wakes up from his nap we are going to pick up my new iphone 5, as well as the fact that I don't have motivation to blog about anything else, I am just going to show all of my recent pics!
 ^^ We went to story time at the library 2 weeks ago.  It was a hit!  Shep loved it, so we will definitely try to make it a weekly thing. ^^
^^ This about sums up our time at the library.  My busy boy. ^^
 ^^ Grammy Edna mailed him a package with the cutest little outfits. ^^

 ^^ We went to my hometown last week for a visit and dipped our feet in the fountains down by the river. ^^
 ^^ I love these.  My grandma's plates. ^^

^^ Two visits to Pazzos in one week...haven't done that since college! 

^^ Dinner at Fazoli's and showing off our flirty face. ^^

Happy 4th of July!
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