1st trimester summary + pregnancy update

To summarize my first trimester, it was much different from my pregnancy with Shepherd.  I was so sick for about weeks 4-6.  Not morning sickness, just SICK and couldn't get over it.  I was miserable but didn't take any medicine.  I finally went to my doctor and was prescribed a Z-pack, but after researching the risks, deciding against taking it, and ultimately decided to switch practices (more on that later).  After nearly 3 weeks I got over my sickness, and up until the second trimester had pretty much no appetite and felt nauseous all day.  I also was exhausted on a level that was INSANE.  I didn't experience that with Shep, but I guess running after him all day + first trimester wore me out.  Both my mom and grandma came and stayed with me on different occasions to help out.  (And when my grandma was here, Joey got spoiled by having all of his shirts ironed, something I never do! ;) 
I'm lucky that, same with Shep, I only threw up a few times.  Smells really bother me.  Meat disgusts me.  Happy to be in the second trimester now and feeling better.

How far along: 14 weeks + 5 days

Size of baby: Naval orange (4.5 inches, 2-3 oz)

Maternity clothes: Not yet

Sleep: Great!  Although I've had a lot of anxiety lately, making it hard to fall back to sleep if Shepherd wakes me up.  I just lay there and can't shut my mind off!

Cravings: None.  Not craving sweets like I did with Shepherd.

Symptoms: Loss of appetite.  Heightened sense of smell.  I feel like I've been moody!

Gender: BOY
(We have a name picked out, but still working on a middle name.  I have a middle name I'm obsessed with but Joey doesn't like it.  He liked it for a day and got me all excited then changed his mind!)

Due date: January 23rd

Again, I have an anterior placenta.  I also had this with Shepherd.  What that means, in most pregnancies, the baby is in the front and the placenta is in the back.  For me, the placenta is in the front and baby in the back.  That doesn't mean anything for the health of the baby, but because the placenta is in the front it will block the baby's movement, making it hard for me to feel him.  I didn't feel Shepherd move until I was pretty far along, and it was never like what you hear described.  Joey couldn't feel Shep move a lot.  I know a lot of people have told me this is a blessing in disguise.  I won't be kept up with a baby kicking me, blah blah.  But I am so disappointed.  I feel like I'm missing out. Ugh it really makes me sad.  Not to mention I've read anterior placentas can make you more likely to have back labor, which I had with Shepherd, and it was NO JOKE.

OK, its too much to include in one blog post, but coming up:
Opting for a VBAC
Why I switched doctors
Baby's name
My #1 anxiety right now and why my fam/friends think I'm crazy

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