Baby #2 is a...


 So I am only 14 weeks now, which makes it really early to know the gender.  The doctor won't do the anatomy ultrasound until 20 weeks, and where I live, even to pay to find out early, you have to be at least 16 weeks.
But my doctor asked if we would like to have a bloodwork test done to check for any abnormalities, Downs syndrome, stuff like that, and I said yes.  Lucky me, this new test could also tell gender!  My doctor said it is 99% accurate, so even though its early, its trustworthy!  The test is called MaterniT21.

Thank you Lord, all of the tests came back negative and our little boy is healthy!
When the doctor called to tell me the test results, I asked if she would mind not telling me the gender over the phone.  Instead I asked if she would write down the gender and seal it in an envelope, so Joey and I could open it together.  It didn't sound like fun to find out such life changing news over the phone, by myself.

Can I just say, I have amazing self control!!  I went and picked up that envelope, and had it with me all day waiting for Joey to get home from work!  I was going crazy knowing that there was someone in the world who knew what my baby was, and it wasn't ME, the Mama!!

To distract myself while I waited for him to get home, I went to Kroger to buy some blue and pink balloons to decorate the front porch for Joey to see when he pulled up.  Now please imagine me in 90 degree heat, carrying a toddler + 6 balloons on a windy afternoon, trying to get the balloons to stay in the car while holding Shep.  Then trying to get Shep in the carseat, when all he wanted to do was play with the balloons.  I think the guy parking next to me thought I was abusing my child trying to get him in the carseat!

Well those balloons started popping almost as soon as I got them in place (thanks Kroger lady who told me they would last 10 hours outside in the heat) so I had to bring them in.  2 of the pink balloons popped first which made me think maybe it meant something!

When Joey got home, we opened the envelope first thing!  Again, we tried to make a video of ourselves but Joey forgot to press the record button.  I wasn't too upset, because like I mentioned yesterday, there is nothing too exciting about either of our reactions, EVER ;)

So now we are going to be parents of TWO little boys, under the age of TWO!
We are going to have our hands full!  Not to mention I will be outnumbered.  But I am so excited Shepherd is going to have a brother so close in age.  They will have so much fun playing together :)

I think he looks like Shepherd.  I may just have another little clone of me and people will wonder where Joey came from ;)


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