Our family is growing!

Baby #2 will be here in January!

^^ After my first doctor appointment at 8 weeks ^^

OK, let me back up and start from the beginning!  I've been keeping this in for awhile and would like to have a record of everything up to this point!!
For todays post...
The day I found out I was pregnant:

I found out I was pregnant the day after Mother's Day.  I took one of my dollar store pregnancy tests at 7:30am not thinking much about it.  We had planned on waiting a few more months to officially start "trying."  I almost didn't take it because I thought, "this is a waste of money" then I remembered...DOLLAR store.  There was a definite double pink line!  Joey was already at work, so there was no one to tell but Shepherd.  He didn't seem to care ;)  I put him in the car still in his pajamas, me practically in mine and drove to Walmart for some back up pregnancy tests to confirm.  I can imagine what I looked like, in our pj's, forgot to put my wedding ring on, buying 3 different brands of pregnancy tests at 7:45am.
Back home we went and I took all of my pregnancy tests, then lined them up next to each other.  All positive!

Now let me tell you something.  I have been made fun of for my Dollar store pregnancy tests.  But after buying 4 different kinds, and seeing them all next to each other, the most distinctly positive test was my Dollar store test!  (Other than the digital tests that actually say "Pregnant") So why waste your money!  That is my money saving tip for you ;)

So, finding out you're pregnant at 7:30am, makes for a VERY long day.  I couldn't wait for Joey to get home.  I tried to think of a cute way to tell him, but everything seemed so cheesy to me.
Neither Joey or I ever have really big, great reactions to anything.  We are both pretty calm.
I set up our camera anyway, to film his reaction.  Umm, I never want anyone to see that video because it is so lame!
As soon as Joey walked in the door and sat down, I handed him my phone with the ^above^ picture pulled up of my pregnancy tests, and said, "what do you think about this?"
He just looked at it and said, "what is it?"
I was like (in my head), "really?! what other reason would I have to show you 4 positive pregnancy tests?"
But I just sat there and waited for him to figure it out.  Finally I told him they were my tests and that we were pregnant!  He didn't even get up off the couch, he was in shock.  I guess I shouldn't have told him as soon as he walked in the door ;)
OK, sorry that was literally the most boring story ever.  Trust me, I know.  It was anti climatic to be there, too.

^^ pictures we took right after I told Joey ^^

I am currently 13 weeks + 6 days!

So excited and thankful for our growing family!!

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