Shepherd at 14 months.

This little stinker is now 14 months old!
(that would be a slice of orange on his face that he was oblivious to!)

At 14 months he can say 13 words:
Dada (pronounced Gah Gah, as we have trouble with D's)
Kitty Cat (obsessed! and the first time he has put 2 different words together)
GiGi (my mom)
Cookie (as in his Aunt Caity's nickname, not because I feed him sweets!)
Grayson (his favorite little friend!)

I'm scared to actually put this out here...but he is a great sleeper! Naps and bedtime are a piece of cake.

He for the first time has started acting upset to be left in the nursery at church.  It is the saddest thing, as soon as we walk in and start the check in process, his little lip starts to quiver and his eyes well up with big crocodile tears.  I still make him go, but if his daddy is the one dropping him off, Shep ends up in church with us:

He is in love with Blue.  Every morning as soon as he wakes up he starts asking for her. Boo?  Boo?

He had his first haircut, given by me!  I hated to cut it, but he still has his curls, and no longer has a mullet!

He has two little teeth! They are on the front bottom and crooked as can be.  This is the shape they are in: "^" An upside down V!  He never even acting fussy, I just looked one day and there they were! 


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