17 Weeks with Baby #2

(Taken at 17w2d)

Not a whole lot to report this far into the pregnancy.  I'm very lucky to have it so easy.  Most days I don't even feel pregnant.  I have plenty of energy, no significant food aversions anymore, no weird cravings, sleeping is normal...same with Shepherd, just not a lot of symptoms, at least in the second trimester.
I am still disappointed about my anterior placenta, but I have felt some movement.  I have to be lying down and laying perfectly still and really concentrate, and I can just feel what I know is my baby.  Its not kicking or flutters or bubbles or anything you hear about, its just kind of a pressure.  I only recognize it because this is my second pregnancy with an anterior placenta so I know what it feels like.
Our next doctors appointment is the first week of September, which is when they do the anatomy ultrasound.  We already know its a boy from a blood work test I had done, but it will be nice to SEE on the ultrasound that it is really a little boy (which...on another note I have to call my doctor/insurance because it looks like we are potentially being charged a $2700 out of network lab bill for that blood work...joy!).
After that ultrasound we will start on the nursery.  I don't want the boys to share a room, so we are making the basement/playroom into the guest room and third bedroom into a second nursery.  Joey and I have been in debate over how to decorate the nursery, but here is what I'm picturing:

I love all white rooms, because then everything in the room is an accessory and the colors pop.

P.S. I wrote this post and this post when I was about 17 weeks with Shep.


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  1. I like the all white. And I love the pop of colors too!! It makes the room very bright. It will probably be too late to help in December, sad day.