Old Wives Tales and Why I'm a Crazy Person

So I told you all I was going to share why my family/friends think I'm crazy.
Here is why:
A few years ago I was at work and this girl I worked with told us about this old wives tale.  It was a "ring test" and it could predict not only how many kids you were going to have, but the gender and what order they were coming in.  You hold the ring (or needle) over your wrist, if it swings side to side you are having a boy, in a circle you are having a girl.  In between each sibling it pauses, and when it has shown you all of your kids it stops moving.   
So she did it to almost everyone working that day, and for me it said I was having two boys, and that was it.  
Now I would NEVER believe an old wives tale.  BUT.  She did it to the women in the store who already had children and it was correct every time.  So that made me think maybe it was real!

Now, I am pregnant with my second boy, so it looked like the ring test was coming true for me! I was freaking out!  We want a big family.  We would ideally like to have 4 children.  So then I started thinking about the ring test, and if its true...
Why would I only have two children, when we want four?  I wouldn't willingly stop after two, so I was freaking out thinking all sorts of crazy things.  Is my uterus going to rupture during labor?  Am I going to die in childbirth?  Does my husband die in a car crash and I'm single the rest of my life?  I was thinking, should I just have a repeat C-section to avoid the hysterectomy that will be necessary when my uterus ruptures?  But wait...is that what the ring test knew I would do and I die on the operating table?  I mean, you guys, maybe I am crazy.

So last week my mother in law came up to visit and I did the ring test on her (all the while listening to my husband make fun of us in the background), and it was right again!  It said boy, girl, girl, girl, then stopped moving.  Joey is the oldest and has three younger sisters. So then, she did it to me.  
AND.  This time it said something different!  It said:
Boy, boy, boy, boy, girl.
5 kids. 
So then I felt relieved.  I would much rather have 5 than 2.  I told you I'm crazy.  Maybe I was just in a different place in my life back when I first did it, and now my situation is different??  Regardless if it all comes true, it made me feel better!

So please, have another female do the ring test on you (It doesn't work if a guy does it) and let me know if your results were accurate!!


  1. Been reading for a long time, and happy to see you back :)

    Crazy? Maybe, but there is no controlling when something gets into our mind!

    I wanted a girl SO BADLY (I'm 30 weeks pregnant now)and at the beginning, before I could find out, I obsessed over every old wives tale there is that would say it was a girl. OBSESSED. I rubbed my belly every day and said "you're a girl, you're a girl, you're a girl". I am (crazy and) convinced this worked since I am having a girl, and this is only the second girl born in my husbands family in 5 GENERATIONS! (I have nothing against baby boys lol, I was just so sick at the beginning I needed something to focus my energy on and that became a crazy obsession)

    (I did the ring test all the time at the beginning and it always said 1 girl... and I did it to my mom and it was right on her too!)

    -Katie (no official blog)

    1. 5 generations! Thats crazy!! Thanks for your comment, glad to know someone is reading this ;)