Pregnancy Hair

You know how they say pregnant women have beautiful hair?  Pregnancy is supposed to make it thicker and shiny and full of volume?  Well not for me!! 
It makes mine thin and stringy and it won't hold curl like it usually does or do anything normal.

I should have guessed I was pregnant after Shepherd's 1st birthday party when my hair looked like this:

It wouldn't do anything that day.   And what do you know a week later I realize I'm pregnant.
My husband has a really sweet nickname for when my hair looks like this, "Chauncey's tail."  Gee good thing I'm not senstitive!

Hating my hair has made me want to cut it.  But at my last appointment my hairdresser and I decided drastic hair changes for me right now would be a bad idea.

Bangs, you sound like a good idea, but as my sister in law pointed out, "don't you only wash your hair once a week?"  Good point.  Sorry bangs.

I also keep thinking about going back to this length:

But, my husband's exact words after that ^^ haircut were, "'ll grow back."

We'll see.  My hair goal in life has always been to do this at some point:

I also think I never really gave my brunette hair a chance, maybe this could make a comeback??

Well I've gone off on a walk down hair memory lane tangent...I won't get started on postpartum hair...


  1. You would look so cute with bangs! When I had them I would pull the rest of my hair back in to a pony tail and just quickly wash my bangs in the sink and then blow dry them. (I also only wash my hair 1-2 times a week.)

  2. Omg I love the brunette!! Girl you totally rock it! And the short hair, too! :)

    1. Thanks Jenn! I like you as a brunette, too!