The past little while

I feel like my title could be a "southern" saying.  Typing it felt a little, does that even make sense?  Little while?  At work the other day one of Joey's coworkers was running to the store, and Joey asked if he would care to pick something up for him.  The guy paused and said, "would I care? No..." Then told Joey he had never heard that saying before and that if someone said that where he was from (ND) they would think he was being rude!  Because why would he care?

Shep can now sign 
"all done"
Signing "all done"......................."I said I'm all done Mom!"................"Get me out of here!"

Every night we go on a "kitty cat walk."  Shepherd is obsessed with cats right now, and he recognizes all of the houses in our neighborhood where cats live.

 A very rare date night with my love!

 Love this crazy haired boy!


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