a few pics from last weekend.

We went to the farmers market to pick up some veggies and fresh flowers.  Shep was so cute in his UK track suit since it was game day.

Still practicing getting walking down. 

Shep sporting his Packers shirt on Sunday for the game.  Not to be confused, we did not actually watch the game ;)  My dad's favorite team is the Packers so we had to text him a picture.

^ Drove all the way across town when I realized we had a Tropical Smoothie.  The one close to us closed and I was so sad! ^

^ How precious is this invitation?  Every year our street has a block party, and they go ALL OUT.  About half the people on this street have lived here for the past 50 years, so I appreciate living on a street with people who think its important to be connected to neighbors.  That being said, we definitely felt a little judged for skipping the block party the past 2 years!

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