Cat? I'm a kitty cat. And I dance, dance, dance.

Shepherd is obsessed with "kitty cats."  
In an effort to trick him into cuddling, (he hates cuddling!) Joey one day had Shepherd lay down next to him and distracted him into cuddling by looking up videos of cats on his phone.
So then every time Shep saw Joey's phone he would freak out and say "kitty cat" over and over again until he showed him the video.
Side note: Please youtube "kitty cat dance."  It is literally the goofiest thing EVER.
Plus you cannot get that stupid song out of your head.

Well then another day in an effort to keep him still long enough for me to change his diaper, I pulled up the kitty cat dance on my phone.  Which then it clicked in Shep's litte head that you can watch that darn video on Daddy AND Mommy's phone.  So now we have to hide our phones and tell him the kitty cat is sleeping, haha, or else we'd be watching that annoying cat dance all day.

We also go on a "kitty cat walk" pretty much every night.  Three of our neighbors on our street have cats and we walk down to each of their houses to search for the cats.  Pretty sure we are the creepy neighbors.  I almost wish one would come out so I could explain, "I'm not a freak!  Blame it on the baby!"  When I try to keep walking Shep will sometimes halfway throw himself out of the stroller screaming "kittttttyyyy catttttttt!!!!"

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