five on friday.

Not too much went on this week, so I thought for Friday I'd jump on the "Friday 5" bandwagon.
5 Random things:


We have two fish, Castle and Goldie.  Goldie is the worst name for a goldfish, but in our defense, we started out with 3, and they were purchased during my husband's marathon Golden Girls DVRing, so it was originally "The Golden Girls."  However 2 died and now we just call the last remaining one Goldie.  This is shaping up to be a really interesting post...
Castle is named after Rick Castle, my favorite writer/detective.  Anyway, Castle is on a suicide mission and has jumped out of the tank twice.  You would think that would convince my husband to not fill the water so high...but no.  I have fears of getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and stepping on a cold dead fish.


We have a lemon and lime tree, and had our first lemon the other day.  Its apparently some weird type of lemon because it was green.   I don't know.  It was good.  You should also know our potted plant count has gone from 31 to 32 with the addition of an indoor tree that is as tall as me.  I told Joey last time we went to Lowes that he was on a plant buying freeze until Spring, but he really can't help himself.


Is this not cruel?  It showed up on my newsfeed the other day.  You upload a picture of your child and they compare it to another child for people to vote on who is cuter.  What is wrong with people.

If you are a mommy, and even if you aren't, this is such a great article.
Sometimes I'm embarrassed when my house is a wreck, because I think, oh my gosh how can I not have time to mop these sticky mandarin orange residue floors or why do I always have to have 3 baskets of unfolded clean laundry just getting wrinkled?!  I loved this article, and apparently so did a lot of other people.
She writes:

There is no greater task than the nothing you did yesterday, the nothing you are doing today, and the nothing you will do tomorrow. Caring for a baby is all about the immediate experience, yet the first two years are all about investment. It’s give, give, give, and give some more. 

Read the whole thing.  

Just a few cute pictures of Shepherd recently.  Love his heart.

^^^ Definitely my child.  Relax! ^^^

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