last weekend.

Since its Thursday and another full weekend is upon us, I thought I'd recap last weekend.  This past weekend Joey was out of town for a Bachelor party, so my family came to stay with me and keep us company.  They got here Saturday afternoon and we spent the evening relaxing, watching the UK game, ordering pizza and playing with Shepherd.

On Sunday we got up and went to church.  Our sermon was about temptation.  I really liked what our pastor said about how we rationalize things to ourselves, to justify a sin.  I've definitely been guilty of that.  
After church while Shepherd napped, my mom and I went out to a few consignment stores.  I really am not into so much money on a double stroller, but I also want one that is clean clean clean, and was not used by a smoker.  I'm also thinking, the baby is due in January, do I really need a double stroller right away?  Anyway, while we were waiting for the stores to open, we just happened to find a farmers market, so of course we walked around.  We even found some blueberries for Shepherd.  They are his favorite, after mandarin oranges.
After Shep woke up from his nap, we all went to eat at Cheddars.
While we were eating, Shepherd was busy reminding us why its always a better idea to get take out.  He was literally licking the table to eat his food.  So gross, but gosh I love him.  Sometimes I just can't worry about germs.  He loves to flirt with anyone around him, especially old ladies.  This family was getting sat next to us and when they walked past Shepherd literally screamed to get this woman's attention.  She stopped and smiled and said hi to him, so he offered her one of his peas.  The sweet woman took it from him, bless her heart, and he started clapping for himself.  

Here are my parents.  So thankful to have parents still so in love with each other after so many years.
Monday I was so excited for the 1st Annual Rally to Improve Birth here in Lexington.  After having a C-section with Shepherd, and opting for a VBAC with Major, I'm committed to educating myself as much as possible about my options going forward.  I even signed up to help at next years rally.  With Shep, it was just all so new and I trusted that my doctor was telling me my options and I don't believe that was the case looking back.  I have a lot of issues with how my delivery of Shepherd was handled, mainly having an induction.  At the time, I assumed it was medically necessary, and now realize it was not.  Kentucky has the 7th highest C-section rate in the country and in Lexington its even a little higher.  I didn't even realize that was a thing until recently.  I didn't realize all of the negative risks associated with C-sections.  It makes me angry that my doctor induced me with Shepherd, when my body had not given any indication it was ready.  It makes me angry that she told me I had to have a C-section, and I wish I had known I could decline, or asked to wait and give it a little longer.  Since having a C-section, I feel like any option I have has higher risks, than if I had just had vaginal births.  But I'm so excited about my new midwife, who has over 90% success rate with VBACs.  I'm considering getting a doula for Major's birth...still not decided if thats what I want for sure.  I like the idea of someone standing up for what I want, and knowing policies stuff like that, because I think I'll be a little preoccupied.  But the thought of someone other than my husband being there the entire time makes me a little anxious, like maybe I'll just want some privacy. Not that there won't be a ton of nurses, etc.  I don't know.  Still mulling it over.   

After the rally, Joey was just getting back into town so we met him for lunch.  Let me tell you, this boy loves his daddy.  He's always been a momma's boy, but after going 3 days without his daddy, he still has not gotten his fill of him yet.  He wakes up asking for Dada.
He of course insisted on watching the kitty cat video on daddy's phone. 


  1. This kitty cat video!!!

    I kind of want to hear more about this doula situation and such once you decide...