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Every time I go to Hobby Lobby, I get this unrealistic idea of myself, that tells me, "Yes! Crafts! Lets make wreaths!"  
I can't tell you how many times I've spent a stupid amount of money on crafting supplies, only to have it still in its bag, but moved to the garage months later.  I think I've made two wreaths in my life, I think I've bought supplies for wreaths about 10.
The last time I made a wreath:

Is anyone else watching Bethenny?  I was so excited for it, because I love her, but I've been disappointed.  I just think the content is tacky and she's coming off like a mess.  Hopefully it will get better since it just started.  In better TV news, Parenthood starts this week!  I just watched the preview and want to cry I'm so excited.  Could be the hormones.

We really need to get started on the nursery.  The holiday season will be so busy and fly by, I've started nesting in my head and stressing out about it.  Part of why I've put it off is that I will be giving up the guest room, which doubles as my dressing room/closet.  I always get ready in there, now I'll have to get ready I guess in our bedroom.  We will keep all of my clothes in Major's nursery, because Joey's clothes take up the entire closet in the master.  This house is going to get tight, quickly!

We are trying to decide which crib to buy for Major.  Joey's mom asked if we were going to buy the same crib we have for Shepherd, so if they share a room one day (which they probably will) the cribs will match.  That makes sense to me, but Joey thinks we will have a third child by then and that would mean buying a third crib?  I don't know.  I also like Ikea cribs, but Joey wants a gray one.


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