this is Shepherd, not walking.

These pictures crack me up, but are so sad at the same time!  Shepherd is still not walking, and I really thought he would start this past weekend!  In the past week or so I noticed him standing on his own without having to use something to pull up.  He can bend down and pick something up and stay standing.  But every time I say, "Shepherd, do you want to practice walking?" he looks at me and shakes his head in a very definite "NO."  This past weekend I got him to take one step and I swear my heart skipped a beat it was so exciting.  But that excitement was short lived.  These pictures are of me trying to bribe him with his favorite little treats that I never buy, but thought they might do the trick.  No such luck.  He was sooo mad.  He wanted the little puff so bad, but did not want to move one inch to get it.  Trust me the video is ever sadder!


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