where IS that kitty cat?!

These pictures crack me up.  He just couldn't catch up with that cat.  I have no idea why he is so obsessed with cats.  He wakes up asking for them.
We are working hard over here to get him walking.  He is sooo close.  I went to get my hair colored Monday night, and while I was gone he apparently walked on his own for the first time for my sister in law and husband and I missed it!  He is taking a few steps here and there but hasn't taken off yet for good.  
Last night we were outside watching Joey mow the grass and there was a cat next door.  We walked over and I stood him up to see if he would walk to it.  He took off, but still holding one of my hands.   He was going so quick and I looked like a maniac trying to get Joey's attention over the lawn mower. 

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