saturday at keeneland.

This past Saturday we went out to Keeneland for the last day of the Fall meet.  It was a little chilly, but that made it perfect because we weren't fighting crowds.  Shepherd loved snacking at our tailgate, drawing on pumpkins, and seeing the horses!

^ Held on to this carrot all day ^

^ I won! ^

^ Shep loves Allison!  I think the feeling is mutual ;) ^
^ I'm always impressed with Whisman's tablescapes for every occasion ^
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random ramblings.

How am I already in the third trimester??  I had to google it to see if it was true, I couldn't remember how far along you had to be.  Crazy how fast it is flying by.

We started on the nursery! Our guest room is now in the basement and the 3rd bedroom is officially Major's room. As far as decorating the nursery, we crossed the first thing off the list and bought a rug. Actually we bought 4 because we couldn't decide. We wanted to layer rugs and found the perfect ones. However I'm so disappointed that the color of the rug looks different in his room than it did in the store. In the store it was definitely a chartreuse color, and I was like, "YES! Chartreuse! You are the color I've been waiting for to pop out at me and give me a vision!" Then we got home and no matter what light the rug looks mustard yellow. So annoying.  I'll share pics soon.

Shepherd loves to play with my phone, but he keeps pocket dialing people and "liking" random posts on Instagram.  The other day I looked at my recent calls and saw he had Facetimed this guy I went to college with, that I only have his number because we were in a group together one time.  I have no idea if he answered or not...

Shepherd is going to be a dragon for Halloween.  His costume is technically a dinosaur, but oh well. I've never pretended to be a mom/person who plans intricately ahead of time.  He's lucky he has a costume ;)  Shepherd makes this crazy growling noise, and the first time he made it I said "Ahh you're a scary dragon!"  So now he makes the noise all the time.

I have started my obsessive list making of what we need to do to get ready for Major.  And obsessive safety checking.  Honestly we really don't need that much.  Here is my list, I'm sure more will pop up, I just wrote this the other day off the top of my head:
Changing pad/cover
Wipe warmer
Car seat for Shepherd (Major will use his infant car seat)
Arms Reach mini co-sleeper
Swaddle (whats the best?? we used the "swaddleme" with Shep and I liked it, but want to try other options)
Curtains for nursery

Thats a really short list, what am I missing?!

 13 weeks until his due date!

And some random pictures just to round this out:
 ^Not always happy over here ;)  Also, teeth!^
 ^Probably calling someone we don't know^
 ^Why does this make me laugh so hard?  Its a hard life^
^My little toddler still fits in the kitchen sink^
How cute are these rings I ordered?
Getting ready to go to dinner last week to celebrate our anniversary and realized we were all dressed in stripes.  This isn't the first time this has happened.

OK, happy weekend!

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After talking about doing it all week, on our last morning in Tybee we got up before the sunrise and headed to the beach.  It was so peaceful and beautiful.  I am always impressed and thankful for God's beauty.  So many things I feel are present just for the purpose of enjoying their beauty.  They could still serve their purpose, but God added the pretty.  He could have made the world black and white, he could have given us light with an on and off switch, he could have had everyone look the same.  But He didn't.  And that makes me so happy.  It fuels my desire to make my own surroundings enjoyable for their beauty, and it makes it ok.  God is good.

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so good.

I've talked before about how much we love Dave Barnes, like here and here, and he always seems to come out with new songs that align right with our life.  Well this is Joey's favorite new song of his so I thought I'd share the lyrics.  I like it too, but I think it means more to him.

As the sun slowly rises above the river
I look out over all that God has made
Listen as the day starts to awaken
I thank God for things that never change

I can hear her laughing in the kitchen
And the sounds of little footsteps on the stairs
I’ve got all I’ll ever need: a wife, a home, a family
And I thank God for all those answered prayers

And it’s good
I got more than I ever thought I would
I can finally see how all the wrong turns and the heartaches
The lessons in the mistakes
Help me count these blessings like I should
And it’s so good

Every day’s a gift that I’ve been given
Every breath feels like a second chance
And everything I’ve done heaven has seen
And God just keeps on forgiving me, and I
Do my best to change what I can

And it’s so good
I got more than I ever thought I would
I can finally see how all the wrong turns and the heartaches
The lessons in the mistakes
Help me count these blessings like I should

And it’s good to know that I have been forgiven
Good to have her laying by my side
I’ve been given more than I deserve
For a past so full of bridges burned
I couldn’t make this better if I tried

And it’s so good
I got more than I ever thought I would
I can finally see how all the wrong turns and the heartaches
The lessons in the mistakes
Help me count these blessings like I should
And it’s so good

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G+A Wedding Weekend

Two weekends ago we celebrated the marriage of two of our very best friends, Greg and Allison.
It was a ton of fun, no surprise with these two!  They are such a great couple who are committed to family and friends and fun.  Doesn't Allison look gorgeous!?  
Here are some pics from the rehearsal dinner:
We decided to bring Shep and keep him up past his bedtime since his BFF, Grayson, was there.
Greg and his groomsmen, all of Joey's best friends.
Our friend Catherine was in town for the wedding and stayed with us all weekend.  So happy to get some time with her!

Greg's sister in law took these pictures of Shep at the rehearsal dinner, aren't they so cute?  Catherine made him into a cowboy with tissue paper.

Wedding day!  Gorgeous!  I loved Allison's dress.

I loved the groomsmen's suits too.  Joey looked very handsome.

Their wedding venue was perfect.  Exposed brick walls, big and open, plenty of room for dancing.  I loved it!

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Passing Time

For the past 3 days, Joey has put Shepherd to bed at night.  Thats always been my thing.  Joey would give him a bath, do his little bedtime routine, diaper, lotion, pajamas on.  Then he would give him to me and I would rock him and nurse him until he was asleep.  Friday night I wanted to go to dinner with a friend, but that meant I would miss bedtime.  I was a little nervous to leave, not because Joey wasn't capable, but because it was just my thing.  I imagined Shepherd crying for hours without me.  Well I met my friend at 8, at 8:06 Joey called me and said Shep was sound asleep.  The next night we decided to let Joey put him to bed again.  I honestly thought maybe it was a fluke the night before.  That Shepherd went to bed so easily because he knew I wasn't there, but that knowing I was in the next room he would insist on me rocking him.  Nope.  Again, sound asleep within 5 minutes.  I laid in bed and cried.  It just felt wrong to not nurse him before bed.  He's just growing up so fast.  I'm relieved he will go to sleep for someone other than me, and honestly its better for both of us.  Thats a lot to take, having to be the one to put him to bed every single night at 8:00, and made it hard for me to ever do anything at night.  When I put him to bed it was always a longer process, he would cry as soon as I put him in the crib and want me to hold him, or just stand there rubbing his back.  Its better for him to go right to sleep and not drag it out.  And maybe now Joey and I can have date night without having to eat an early bird dinner to be back before bed, or go to dinner at 9:00 after he's asleep.

Time is so bittersweet, but what is the alternative?  I'm thankful for a growing changing boy. But I will look back on these days and wish I could have them again.

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26 weeks with Major William

Technically 25w2d^^
 (Dress is ASOS Maternity)
^technically 25 weeks ^

Size: According to my pregnancy app, he is 15 inches and is now being measured head to toe!  He weighs approximately 2.2 lbs and is the size of a cucumber.

Symptoms: Still experiencing acid reflux. Crazy how just a feeling in your throat can be enough to stop you in your tracks. I also am a LOT moodier this pregnancy. Moody and on edge. Don't I sound like fun? Also bending over is just about the most annoying thing in my life. You don't realize how often you have to bend over until you can't/it makes you out of breath.

Rings: On. I wanted to document that because I can't remember at what point with Shepherd I quit being able to wear my rings. With Shep my entire body was so swollen, but I can't recall when that started. So far with this pregnancy I haven't really noticed that.  

Cravings: None.  So boring.

What I miss: Being able to bend over.

Accomplishments: Dancing all night at a friend's wedding, in heels, 6 months pregnant.

Getting very close to the third trimester!  I feel like it is flying by, and I have yet to do one.single.thing. to prepare ourselves.  Hopefully this weekend we will start on the nursery, but I realize I've been saying that for weeks.

Feeling Major move is a lot different than Shepherd was.  I have had an anterior placenta with both of them.  Major will press really hard against me and spots on my belly get really hard.  I wish I could tell which body part it was.  Shepherd never really did that, he seemed to have hiccups all the time.

I'm trying to decide what is the safest option for where he should sleep as a newborn.  The AAP recommends room-sharing (not bed sharing) I believe for the first 6 months.  They say being in the room with the parents lowers the risk of SIDS because he will be able to hear us breathing and it will help him regulate his own breath.  I'm not sure how accurate that will be with us because my husband insists on sleeping with 2 giant fans blowing on us, so I doubt Major could hear us breathing.  However, I hate those fans and I have fantasies of violently throwing them out the window, and with my moody on edge pregnant self that might actually happen.  But anyway.  I want something that can be right next to the bed, and about the same height so I don't have to actually get out of bed when he wakes up to nurse in the middle of the night.  I'm thinking about this, but if anyone has any advice or recommendations I will gladly take it!

How FREAKING CUTE are these little marionette puppets?  Our friends Veda and Jonathan went to Europe (not jealous at all....!!!) and sent these to Shepherd and Major.  We opened them last night and Shepherd was a wee bit apprehensive, but he must have been thinking about them all night because literally as soon as he woke up he was asking to play with them and carried them around making them dance forever!  We said we might make them into a mobile for Major's nursery?  Anyway, I'm obsessed!  They came all the way from Prague.  What lucky little boys!  Thanks Veda and Jonathan!

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today is our 4th anniversary

4 years ago today.

We started dating over 9 years ago, and I'm so happy to be married to this guy.

A few random things I love about my husband:

Anytime he makes me a meal or a snack, he decorates and arranges the plate to look pretty.  Last time he made me a sandwich he cut it into the shape of an M for Major.  Once he made me a bowl of cereal, cut a heart out of a piece of paper and wrote "I love you" on it and hid it in the cereal, so I would find it while I was eating.

Maybe my favorite quality in a person is awareness.  Joey is the most aware person I know.  He doesn't let anything slip.  I love that we both always notice the same things.  On a small note, once we were at a gas station and this woman walked in, I can't remember exactly what was off about her, I think she had on weird socks or something.  Most people wouldn't have noticed, but I so quietly whispered under my breath and before I could finish Joey was like, "saw it."  On a bigger note, he is so aware of Shepherd and thinking about what he needs or what would make him laugh or just keeping him safe.

Joey makes me laugh every day.  He is goofy and funny, two words I wouldn't use to describe myself, but I can be with him.

He never forgets anything.  I can send him to the store and don't even have to write down a list, he will remember every single thing I've told him.

Shepherd and Joey are two peas in a pod.  Shep may look just like me, but he is definitely his daddy's son.  They have so much fun together and laugh and laugh.  The other night I was putting Shepherd down to sleep for the night.  He's in a phase as of this week where he will lay down in the crib, but he wants me to stay right next to him and just be touching his back.  So sweet.  But, the more pregnant I get, the harder it is to just bend over so Joey came in to take over.  Well he's in there forever and after awhile calls me back in.  The two of them were just sitting there making funny noises and laughing and Shepherd was having the best time.

Joey works so hard every day, sometimes putting in 12 hour work days.  But he is never too tired when he walks in the door to shower Shepherd with attention.  He works so hard to support our family and I'm very proud of him.

I think the best thing for a wife to feel is cherished.  I know Joey cherishes me.  He values me and respects me and thinks I'm so smart ;)  He wants to make me happy and he puts our marriage and family first.

Happy Anniversary Joseph Matthew, I love you very much!

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Tybee Island Vaca 2013 Part 3

Our second day it was calling for rain, so we decided to go to Savannah.  I don't know why we all thought it would be a good idea to plan to spend the whole day walking outside by the river in the rain, or more accurately described as hurricane rain, but we quickly realized that was not going to happen.  We typed "mall" into the GPS instead and went the first place that popped up.  It was a very sad mall, but they did have a very cool double decker carousel that we all rode.

(top 2 photos courtesy of my cousin!)

 We also lucked out because my cousin, Morgan, just so happened to be in Savannah with her husband the same day.  Her husband was working all day so we didn't get to see him, but I was so happy to get to spend some time with Morgan.  I'm pretty sure the last time we saw her was my wedding!

Later in the week we went back to Savannah and wandered around down by the river.  I have to say I didn't love Savannah.  Maybe just the area we were in though.

^ I am obsessed with our sweatshirts.  I have seen similar ones on etsy, but refuse to spend $60.  A friend from home owns a printing business and ordered these for us and had them monogrammed.  Let me know if you're interested and I'll pass on her info!  I think I'm going to order another one in the same color as my sisters!

That night we drove back to Tybee for dinner.  Shepherd always wakes up from car naps a hot sweaty mess, bless his little heart.

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