G+A Wedding Weekend

Two weekends ago we celebrated the marriage of two of our very best friends, Greg and Allison.
It was a ton of fun, no surprise with these two!  They are such a great couple who are committed to family and friends and fun.  Doesn't Allison look gorgeous!?  
Here are some pics from the rehearsal dinner:
We decided to bring Shep and keep him up past his bedtime since his BFF, Grayson, was there.
Greg and his groomsmen, all of Joey's best friends.
Our friend Catherine was in town for the wedding and stayed with us all weekend.  So happy to get some time with her!

Greg's sister in law took these pictures of Shep at the rehearsal dinner, aren't they so cute?  Catherine made him into a cowboy with tissue paper.

Wedding day!  Gorgeous!  I loved Allison's dress.

I loved the groomsmen's suits too.  Joey looked very handsome.

Their wedding venue was perfect.  Exposed brick walls, big and open, plenty of room for dancing.  I loved it!



  1. Hi can I ask u where abouts is this room?

    1. Yes! It was at the Grand Reserve on Manchester St. in Lexington, KY