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How am I already in the third trimester??  I had to google it to see if it was true, I couldn't remember how far along you had to be.  Crazy how fast it is flying by.

We started on the nursery! Our guest room is now in the basement and the 3rd bedroom is officially Major's room. As far as decorating the nursery, we crossed the first thing off the list and bought a rug. Actually we bought 4 because we couldn't decide. We wanted to layer rugs and found the perfect ones. However I'm so disappointed that the color of the rug looks different in his room than it did in the store. In the store it was definitely a chartreuse color, and I was like, "YES! Chartreuse! You are the color I've been waiting for to pop out at me and give me a vision!" Then we got home and no matter what light the rug looks mustard yellow. So annoying.  I'll share pics soon.

Shepherd loves to play with my phone, but he keeps pocket dialing people and "liking" random posts on Instagram.  The other day I looked at my recent calls and saw he had Facetimed this guy I went to college with, that I only have his number because we were in a group together one time.  I have no idea if he answered or not...

Shepherd is going to be a dragon for Halloween.  His costume is technically a dinosaur, but oh well. I've never pretended to be a mom/person who plans intricately ahead of time.  He's lucky he has a costume ;)  Shepherd makes this crazy growling noise, and the first time he made it I said "Ahh you're a scary dragon!"  So now he makes the noise all the time.

I have started my obsessive list making of what we need to do to get ready for Major.  And obsessive safety checking.  Honestly we really don't need that much.  Here is my list, I'm sure more will pop up, I just wrote this the other day off the top of my head:
Changing pad/cover
Wipe warmer
Car seat for Shepherd (Major will use his infant car seat)
Arms Reach mini co-sleeper
Swaddle (whats the best?? we used the "swaddleme" with Shep and I liked it, but want to try other options)
Curtains for nursery

Thats a really short list, what am I missing?!

 13 weeks until his due date!

And some random pictures just to round this out:
 ^Not always happy over here ;)  Also, teeth!^
 ^Probably calling someone we don't know^
 ^Why does this make me laugh so hard?  Its a hard life^
^My little toddler still fits in the kitchen sink^
How cute are these rings I ordered?
Getting ready to go to dinner last week to celebrate our anniversary and realized we were all dressed in stripes.  This isn't the first time this has happened.

OK, happy weekend!


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