Shepherd's hopefully only ER trip ever!

So leave it to me to take my child to the emergency room for an "upper respiratory infection" AKA a cold.  But I do not play with sickness!
Yesterday around 3ish I thought Shepherd was feeling a little warm so I took his temp...make that tried to take his temp and it was about 100 before he kicked the thermometer away.  I had already given him Motrin a few hours earlier because he has had a runny nose.  When Joey got home we held him down and took his temp again and this time it was over 102.  I don't know if its different for babies, but I know if I had a fever that high I would feel awful!  I called the 24 hour pediatric line and they said I could bring him in, so right at bedtime we packed him up and headed to the ER.
His fever there was 102.8.  Long story short, 4 hours and a lot of waiting later we were sent home with an antibiotic prescription.  I hope we never have to go to the ER ever again!  Shepherd was a trooper though.  He hated being held down and poked and prodded, but as long as that wasn't happening he was so sweet, even though he didn't get home for bed until midnight.
Also since we left without eating dinner, we were the skanks with our crying baby at McDonalds at 12am.

Doesn't his outfit just look so cute?  NOT ;) Its hard to get a screaming baby dressed!

So that the story of Shepherd's hopefully first and last ER visit!

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