today is our 4th anniversary

4 years ago today.

We started dating over 9 years ago, and I'm so happy to be married to this guy.

A few random things I love about my husband:

Anytime he makes me a meal or a snack, he decorates and arranges the plate to look pretty.  Last time he made me a sandwich he cut it into the shape of an M for Major.  Once he made me a bowl of cereal, cut a heart out of a piece of paper and wrote "I love you" on it and hid it in the cereal, so I would find it while I was eating.

Maybe my favorite quality in a person is awareness.  Joey is the most aware person I know.  He doesn't let anything slip.  I love that we both always notice the same things.  On a small note, once we were at a gas station and this woman walked in, I can't remember exactly what was off about her, I think she had on weird socks or something.  Most people wouldn't have noticed, but I so quietly whispered under my breath and before I could finish Joey was like, "saw it."  On a bigger note, he is so aware of Shepherd and thinking about what he needs or what would make him laugh or just keeping him safe.

Joey makes me laugh every day.  He is goofy and funny, two words I wouldn't use to describe myself, but I can be with him.

He never forgets anything.  I can send him to the store and don't even have to write down a list, he will remember every single thing I've told him.

Shepherd and Joey are two peas in a pod.  Shep may look just like me, but he is definitely his daddy's son.  They have so much fun together and laugh and laugh.  The other night I was putting Shepherd down to sleep for the night.  He's in a phase as of this week where he will lay down in the crib, but he wants me to stay right next to him and just be touching his back.  So sweet.  But, the more pregnant I get, the harder it is to just bend over so Joey came in to take over.  Well he's in there forever and after awhile calls me back in.  The two of them were just sitting there making funny noises and laughing and Shepherd was having the best time.

Joey works so hard every day, sometimes putting in 12 hour work days.  But he is never too tired when he walks in the door to shower Shepherd with attention.  He works so hard to support our family and I'm very proud of him.

I think the best thing for a wife to feel is cherished.  I know Joey cherishes me.  He values me and respects me and thinks I'm so smart ;)  He wants to make me happy and he puts our marriage and family first.

Happy Anniversary Joseph Matthew, I love you very much!


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