Tybee Island Vaca 2013 Part 1

The reason I didn't post all last week is because we were on vacation!  
We went with my family to Tybee Island, GA for the week.  My parents love to travel and see new places, and Tybee is the only place they've ever gone to more than once.  This was their 4th time there.  It was Shepherd's first time seeing the ocean!  I'm going to break the trip down in a couple of posts because its too much to do all together.

We went back and forth on when would be best for Shepherd to leave.  We were driving (and meeting my family there).  Shepherd usually goes to bed around 8, so we decided to keep him up a little past bedtime (so Joey would have a little time to nap before we left) and hoped Shep would sleep the whole way.  9 hours + stopping time.  Since I'm pregnant, you have to stop every 2 hours to stretch so I don't get a blood clot in my legs.  We ended up leaving about 10 and Shepherd slept the WHOLE WAY THERE.  Actually I take that back, at one pit stop he woke up so we changed his diaper and let him stretch, then I nursed him and he went right back to sleep.  ANGEL DREAM BABY.

When we got there we went to a little Tybee restaurant for breakfast, then headed straight to the beach still in our pajamas.  

Shepherd Nash sees the ocean:
The next night we all went to my mom's favorite Tybee restaurant, AJ's.  It was right on the water and had live music.

Late night walk on the beach.  I know I sound like a bundle of fun, but walking on the beach in the dark is not fun for me.  I insisted on a flashlight because I was scared.  This beach was nice though because every few feet they had swings set up so you could sit and relax.


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