Tybee Island Vaca 2013 Part 2

I'm pretty sure Shepherd's favorite person in the world is my grandma.  I'm positive he is hers!  They had so much fun together all week.  Every day during Shepherd's morning nap, Grandma would stay in with him so Joey and I could go to the beach.  We usually ended up getting lunch alone, which is rare...being alone and going out to eat without having to take turns because of Shep!  When Shep woke up, he and Grandma would have a ton of fun playing in the condo until we came back to take him to the beach.

I am happy to report that Shepherd loved the beach.  He crawled/walked all over it!  Loved playing in the sand and pointing out birds and water and all sorts of things he noticed.  And the ocean!  He was fearless!  He loved when we picked him up and swung him back and forth to "kick" the waves.  He liked to sit down right in the water and feel the water wash over him.  When waves hit him he thought it was funny.

^ how sweet are these pictures of Shepherd and Grandma!? ^
(25 weeks)


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