30 Weeks with Major William

My husband has no desire to be my personal photographer, so here is an example of what I'm working with.  I keep telling him I have a blog to uphold.  I'm lucky if I get one good pic.
 ^^^ 28 weeks ^^^
^^^ 30 Weeks ^^^ (These were just for the sake of documentation at 30 weeks, and I gave up on him since I was in my robe anyway!)

10 weeks to go!!! EEEeeee!!

Size:  According to my pregnancy app, about 3+ lbs and 18 inches.  Head of lettuce??

Symptoms:  I am so lucky to have such easy pregnancies.  I really have nothing to complain about.  Moving around is getting harder, but that just comes with having a huge belly sticking out in front of you.  I still have acid reflux, just randomly throughout the day.  I say my anxiety has been a little higher than normal...right now I'm trying to wrap my head around keeping up with TWO.  I'm a little nervous about my mental state going downhill when I'm sleep deprived and can't sleep when the baby sleeps because I have a toddler who never stops moving.

Sleep:  Sleep is going just fine.  Not even using extra pillows.  However I wait until Joey is asleep every single night and have to go turn his fan away from me.  Grrrrrrr I hate fans.

At my 30 week appointment, I measured 28 1/4 when they measured my uterus. 

Heartbeat was very strong and in the 140s!

Rings: Still on

Happy I'm still not experiencing swelling like I did with Shepherd.  Although its still early, I can't remember when it got bad with him.  I have bought two new pairs of shoes a 1/2 size up anticipating my feet swelling, and instead I'm just walking around with shoes that are too big.

I'm feeling Major move a lot when I am trying to fall asleep, probably because thats the only time I'm still all day.  He moves a lot!  Although its still hard to feel from the outside.

I had this fear that I pretty much made up in my head that he was breech, but at my 30 week doctor appointment she felt and said he seemed to be head down.  I know they can still flip a million times at this point, but that made me feel better.

Going for a VBAC, I want to do everything I can to increase my chances of success.  I don't want to end up with a C-section and have any reason to say, "what if I'd done that?"  I know some people really do need a C-section.  If something happens and thats me, ok.  But I want to do everything I can to prepare my body for a vaginal birth.  Notice I did not say "natural" birth.  I will still be getting an epidural.  I wish I was someone who could go completely free, but I do have my limits.

So...I've started going to the chiropractor twice/week.  Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help baby get into the best position for birth, and can help me have an easier and shorter and safer delivery.

I've also decided to hire a doula to be with me during labor and delivery.  Having a doula present has statistically proven to lower the C-section rate.  Women who have a doula present also report a more positive birth experience, which is really all I want.  With Shepherd I felt out of control, and I want more presence with Major.

Nursery update:
Joey and two of our friends, Whisman and Mike, are painting as I type this.  White on white on white.
I wanted to paint all of the trim work black but we don't have any black paint and I just want it done tonight.
Our house is a wreck moving everything out of my "dressing room" and finding places for everything.  This is the current state of our bedroom and Major's nursery:
We will spend probably all day tomorrow getting ourselves put back together, because neither Joey or I can relax with a mess like that.  I have this desire to just throw everything away and start over...

The crib arrived this week, so hopefully it will be put together before the weekend is over.  I shared which crib we chose here.
We have something that would work for the changing table, but we are on the lookout for a French Provincial dresser, just like Shepherd's.  We lucked out with his and randomly found it at the Salvation Army.  I've been looking on craigslist and I hope we can find one, because I love it!  If anyone knows of one, let me know!
(Shepherd's dresser, Before and After)
We ordered wallpaper for the nursery, and ended up returning it.  I got a little ahead of myself and was excited about the chartreuse colored elephants in the wallpaper, ignoring the pink elephants.  Then when the wallpaper got here I started having second thoughts about putting pink in my son's room.  Doubt means don't so I sent it back.
We've got a few more things for the nursery, but I'll just wait and share pictures when we're all finished.

I'm just so happy to, as far as we can tell, have a healthy baby boy.  I love him so much already and I know once he gets here its just going to grow more and more each day.

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