Halloween 2013

We managed to stretch Halloween into 3 days this year.  
First up, Joey's work party.  Shepherd dressed up as a "scary dragon."  Even though it was technically a dinosaur costumer.  Oh well.  
He had the best time, taking one piece of candy at a time and placing it in his pumpkin.  They also had big blow up pools filled with candy and at one point he just climbed right on in one.
He also liked seeing all of the pictures of himself in Daddy's office!
On actual Halloween night, we had Joey's family up to celebrate.  The weather was bad, so trick or treating was postponed until Friday, but Shepherd and his cousin, Matthew, still dressed up and got some candy.  I made my annual Halloween dinner for everyone, but forgot to take a picture, boo :(

Finally, on Friday we got to trick or treat and hand out candy.  
I mean, this boy. I could eat him up!

^^^ Maybe my favorite pictures, ever! ^^^
^^^ Um...how awkward is my hand?! ^^^


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