Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day we have an open door policy.  When Shepherd was born, we decided we didn't want to spend Christmas traveling all over the state, so we celebrate with each of our families early in December, and stay home Christmas and Christmas Eve.  I just wanted our boys to wake up at home and get to play with their toys and have our own traditions, without having to be in the car and at a bunch of different places all day.  But our house is open to whoever wants to come see us, and we are so thankful everyone on both sides of our family makes the trip!

We woke up with crazy hair and checked out a few new presents.  He opened all of his wrapped gifts on Christmas Eve, but for Christmas morning we sat out the piano that my parents got for him, and the grill set we got and all of his toys from the night before.  He had fun playing with all of his new toys and I got to work making breakfast.
I'm always trying to make special memories for our family and traditions that will stay with our boys.  I decided to make hashbrown casserole and start doing it every year.  I didn't want to make a huge breakfast, since Joey ended up having to eat it standing up in the kitchen as soon as it came out of the oven, before rushing off to work.  So thankful for a good job, but we missed him!
When Joey left for work, Shep went down for a nap and I got ready for the day.  My family drove in and got to our house a little after noon.  
Joey's family came up too and when Joey got home we opened more presents.

I was so surprised with my Ugg boots Joey and my mother in law got for me!  I love when you have no idea something is coming and its just what you wanted :)

We had a wonderful Christmas, and were so blessed that all of our family came to our house to celebrate.  
Shepherd was at such a good age this year, and he makes everything so fun!  And next year I'll have double the fun ;)

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