in case anyone wonders what my kitchen usually looks like

Yesterday afternoon Shepherd dumped an entire box of cereal on the kitchen floor, then made snow angels in it. 
After that we went to Target since we were out of diapers, where my 35 week pregnant self had to carry him in the football hold while he screamed like a little banshee. 
Then it took me about 10 minutes to get him in the car seat while the person parked next to me waited to get in her car, because I didn't see her.  Then I cried a little.
Since we cut our Target trip short, we went home to make dinner.  He was playing in the living room and I was cooking, while continuing to check on him.  The 3rd time I check on him, I find that he has unwrapped 6 presents and broken the Christmas tree so that the lights won't work.

I told him its a good thing he has his good looks.  Then Joey said, "we aren't really going to say that are we?"
So that was yesterday.

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