Major's 4D Ultrasound

Back in September, I went to the Rally to Improve Birth here in Lexington.  There were a ton of giveaways and prizes, and I have really good luck with stuff like that.  Actually I have really good luck at winning when someone else enters me.  My mom entered me in a drawing for a free 4D ultrasound and I won!  Back when Shepherd was born there was a maternity fair going on at the hospital and my whole family went down to it and ended up winning me a ton of stuff.  My grandma won me I think the 3rd biggest prize package they had.  
Anyway, all that to say that this morning we cashed in on my free ultrasound and went to get a better look at little mister Major William.  
It was really cool to see him in 4d.  We still think he looks like Shepherd.  The tech could tell he already has hair!  It lasted about 20 minutes and we got a bunch of pictures and a DVD of the whole thing.
I can't say I would have ever paid to have this done.  Actually if I had paid $180 I would be really annoyed.  So I'm glad it was free!

^^^ A little frown ^^^

Just to compare, I just realized with Shepherd I had an ultrasound on the exact same day.  32 weeks + 5 days pregnant.  Weird.
Here is Shep:

And Shepherd right after he was born:


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