putting together the crib

I feel like putting together the baby's crib is such an important event for a Daddy to do.  I have pictures of my dad putting together my crib, pictures of Joey putting together Shepherd's crib and now here are pictures of him putting together Major's crib, this time with an excited little helper!
^^^ Dad 1985, Joey 2012 ^^^
My crib looks like it was very similar to the one we have for Major!

Shepherd loves being Daddy's helper.  He carries around the tools and is so proud of himself.  Joey took the sharp part out of the screwdriver and Shep was SO serious about his job.  It was precious.

Here are some Before pictures of Major's nursery.  Joey painted the dresser and table, but I forgot to take before pics of that.

Hopefully the nursery will be finished soon (we don't have much choice...less than 8 weeks to go!) and I'll share the pics!

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