Sneak Peek of Major's Nursery

We had a great weekend over here.  Joey took Friday off work so we had three days together.  The weather forced us to stay inside the majority of the time, so we got a lot accomplished for Major's nursery.  Here is a little sneak peek!

I got crafty and decided to paint a canvas to go over the crib.  I was going for an ombre look.  This was basically free because we already had the canvas and paint brushes, but we were the crazy people at Hobby Lobby right before the ice storm hit so I could pick out my paint colors!

Joey also got crafty this weekend.  We bought this L awhile back and planned to use it in the nursery.  Our original idea was to have little mw's all over the L, but the stencils were not cooperating.  Since I have no patience for stencils or anything that requires precision, this was Joey's project.  Ignore the awful lighting.

Here is a swatch of the crib sheet fabric.  

And our little elephant friend, plus a look at the new rug.  I'm a little concerned the rug and the crib sheets clash too much, so I ordered the zebra sheet in another color to see if I want to switch it out.  But I really like the yellow, so we'll see.  You can see we moved the glider and ottoman into Major's room, so Shepherd is loving all of the extra room to play in his room.  We are going to put some new bookshelves in Shep's room since he has so many.

I had my 34 week doctor appointment this morning and Major is right on track!

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