Thanksgiving 2013

Since we've been married, we have struggled every year with how to spend the holidays.  My family is three hours away, Joey's is almost an hour.  We have been switching off which side of the family to spend Thanksgiving with each year, and this year was my family's turn.  Unfortunately Joey had to work on Thanksgiving (just for a few hours) and he also had to work all day the day before and after.  I offered to stay here so that we could spend Thanksgiving together, but he insisted on me going ahead with our plans so I wouldn't be alone the majority of the holiday.  We hated not being with him, but we had so much fun in my hometown!  It was a perfect Thanksgiving, if we had just had Joey with us!

Shepherd absolutely loves to be around people.  He lights up with a crowd.  It makes me so happy to see him happy.  On Thanksgiving, with my parent's house full of family, all of whom he's met only a few times if at all, he was running around having so much fun.  He wasn't clinging to me or my parent's who he is comfortable with.  He was just having the time of his life.  Playing blocks with his cousin Jack, chasing him around and laughing.  He went right to my uncle Dennis and asked to be picked up, which made my uncle so happy.  I want to give him such a stable life that he knows I'm always here, giving him the confidence to go out on his own.  After everyone went home on Thanksgiving, I thought about how much fun Shepherd had.  In his short little life, almost 19 months, that was one of the best days of his life.  That is my goal for my children, I want them to have as many of the best days of their lives as possible.
^^^ Dad on the left, with one of his sisters and brother ^^^
^^^ Shep made my uncle pick him up for a better view of the dessert table ^^^

^^^ My sister captured my resting CBF ^^^

Thanksgiving night, my sister and I continued our Thanksgiving tradition of going to the movies to see a Christmas themed movie.  I convinced her to see The Best Man: Holiday and oh my gosh it was so much better than either of us expected.  We laughed and cried.  We were both trying to hold back from all out loudly weeping, it was that good!
^^^ Entertainment before the movie started.  I made us get there 45 minutes early, assuming it would be packed.  We were the only people there. ^^^

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