Meeting Santa 2014

We weren't sure how either of the boys would react to Santa this year.  Shep had a chance encounter with him one day when we were at the bookstore and the Santa there was walking down the hallway.  Shepherd never does this but he clung to me and hid his face in my neck.  I wasn't sure if he was star struck or terrified.
For their official Santa meeting this year, Shepherd walked right up to him and sat on his lap.  Major immediately began to cry, but kept looking at Shep to see how he was handling it and calmed down when he saw Shep was staying with him.  I love having two boys!
After their picture was taken, we were paying and Shepherd walked back over and tried to climb back on his lap.   Then he asked where his Bubble Guppie was, haha.  He was expecting instant gratification  ;)
Anyway, despite their unimpressed faces, they did enjoy Santa this year!


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Nashville Christmas

For Christmas this year Joey and I decided to take a little trip together.  
But first things first: this guy!
How cute is my little Major.  He climbed all over my suitcase while I was packing.
(Side note: look how blonde he is!)
Then he gave me goodbye kisses. GAhhhhh he is the cutest.

We got to Nashville and did a little shopping before checking into our hotel.  I brought everything we needed to make a yummy cheese plate and we snacked and relaxed and layed in bed and watched Catching good!  Then we freshened up and went to dinner at the Macaroni Grill.  I LOVE the Macaroni Grill.

I texted this picture all the way to Haiti to share with my fellow MG lover, my friend Tara, saying Guess where I am??

The next day we met our friend Catherine for lunch.  It was so good to catch up with her, we don't get to see her often enough.

After lunch we had a few hours to pass so we went to the Opryland hotel.  I've been a few times but it was Joey's first time.  He was right in his element with all of the plants ;)

On our riverboat ride:

After Opryland, we went back to the hotel to get ready for our main reason for going to Nashville, the Dave Barnes Christmas concert.  We love Dave Barnes.  I told Joey if I ever spoke to him I would tell him his music is the soundtrack of our lives.  Can you imagine a better compliment to give a musician?
Wasn't the venue beautiful?  We had the perfect seats.

We had a great weekend and it was the longest we've ever been away from the boys...2 nights!  Thankful for my mom and grandma who came up and stayed with them.  The boys were spoiled all weekend.

On another note, I spent much of the weekend, talking (mainly to myself) about whether or not I should cut my hair.  I'm obsessed with Lauren Conrad's new haircut and I want it!! But I can't I'll just take selfies that look like my hair is short ;)

Short, shoulders or long???!
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10 Months with Major

Major hit a lot of milestones this month.  By 10 months old, he was climbing the stairs, cruising all over the house, starting to sign "more" and crawling like a big boy with his belly off the floor as opposed to dragging himself around in an army crawl.  Now that he is really crawling, he loves trying to keep up with Shepherd.  We celebrated his first Halloween this month, and he was the cutest little elephant I've ever seen.  He hated his elephant ears and they were only on as long as it took for me to get these pictures.  Major loves music and as soon as he hears a song his body relaxes and he starts shaking his body and dancing.

Some of my favorite pictures from this past month:

I can't get over his little feet in this picture.

Something I always pushed with Shepherd was that I wanted him to be happy to play on his own.  I would always put him in his crib with a bunch of toys and leave him to play and he was fine with it.  Well I've realized with Major he is not ok doing that!  He freaks out and cries the entire time.  I guess being the second child, he's always with someone and entertained by Shepherd so he doesn't like being alone.  I'm working on this.  I want him to be ok entertaining himself!

No matter where I sit him in the house, he crawls right to the stairs and wants to practice his climbing.  He started climbing right after turning 9 months old.

Major went to his first wedding this month, Aunt Caity and Uncle Josh's!  He loved the music and dancing at the reception!  Here he is clapping with my dad holding him:

His absolute favorite thing to do is play in the dishwasher.  I only let him climb inside this one time because I really wanted to finish cooking dinner ;)

Snow Day!  I told him this was nothing compared to his birth-day :)
Once he gets to the top of the stairs, he turns around and grins and claps for himself :)

It is starting to hit me that he is almost a YEAR old.  How?  I feel like I have a 3 month old upstairs still sleeping in our bedroom, all swaddled up.  I could cry.  
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Everyday 2014 // 11.24

November 24:
The first year we've ever decorated before Thanksgiving and this happens...
November 25:
Our little cousin Reece came to play. Major was excited for someone his own size!
November 26:
Driving to Owensboro for Thanksgiving and Joey texts me to see how the drive is going. This is my response:
Listening to Taylor Swift over and over and over to keep Shep happy!

November 27:
Thanksgiving Day! Love these two crazy boys! Missing Joey like crazy!

November 28:
The only picture I took all day. Major napping before the drive home.

November 29:
We read the Elf on the Shelf book twice before bedtime.  Shepherd was so excited to wake up and meet his elf for the first time.  We named him Cider.
(And I forgot to take a picture, but we had Cider leave a trail of Shepherd's favorite peppermint candy kisses to his spot on the top of a cabinet!)
November 30:  
We went out to buy Shepherd a little tree for his room and came home with this one thats 6 ft tall.  It was on sale and cheaper than all of the shorter ones, so we went with it.
This day we also went to the arboretum to attempt to get a good picture of the boys together to use for the Christmas card...that didn't happen.  They literally do not ever stop moving.  And every picture I have is either the back or top of their heads.  
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Everyday 2014 // 11.17

November 17:
Cute...or creepy? ;)

November 18:
This picture sums up 5:30 at our house. The witching hour and my least favorite time of day!

November 19:
So happy. 

November 20:
You can't be mad at that face...even if it means I'll never eat in peace again ;)

November 21:
Hanging out with Mills and Shepherd was obsessed with these sunglasses. 

November 22:
Grayson's birthday party. These precious friends make me so happy. I'm pretty sure this happened at Shep's birthday party too. Sharing their cake!

The party was a truck theme and so this was a big hit :)

November 23:
So proud of his gingerbread house!
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Halloween 2014

Better late than never...
A summary of our Halloween season!

We carved pumpkins, and Major was so into it!  
Shepherd on the other hand, his exact words were, "too yucky for me" before he left the room and wouldn't come back.  He did however love the finished product and he insisted we keep our jack 'o lantern in the living room so he could see it.

One of our neighbor's goes all out for Halloween and as soon as they put up their decorations we went on a walk to check it out.  Shep loved everything except for the big cat (a big change from last year!).
He kept saying "too spooky for me" every time we asked if he wanted to pet it.

Sweet little pumpkin.

Every year Joey's company has a Halloween party for the kids to dress up and go trick or treating.  This was the best picture I could get of Major...he hated his elephant ears.
The cutest little elephant I have ever seen!

Our little astronaut...who also hated his helmet.

I tried so hard to get him to wear his hat!

Our little family :)

After the Halloween party at Joey's work, we had some reluctant trick or treaters on Halloween night.  Shepherd literally hid under Major's bed to try and get out of putting on his helmet.

I am still not over that this is the best picture I have of Shepherd in his costume.  This child does not stop moving.  Every picture I have of him is either blurry or the back of his head.  Ahhh he would have been so cute if he would have left the helmet on.  Still cute, but you know.

We got a few pictures of Major in full costume before he ripped it off.  This costume was so precious!

 It was pretty cold on Halloween, so we just hit up the houses on our street.  Shepherd was having so much fun.  He is still talking about it.  He keeps asking if we can go to the neighbors and ask for candy, haha.  Since it was pretty cold, I took Major back early to get dinner started and Joey kept going with Shepherd.  After a few houses, Joey said he asked Shep if he was ready for the next house and Shep replied, "I want to go to Sheppy's house."  Precious boy.  Once they got home he literally ate every single piece of candy that was not a choking hazard.  And Major tried to ;)  

We had our traditional Halloween meal for dinner: pumpkin sloppy joes and sweet potato fries.  I love the idea of special meals reserved for certain days.

The next night, we went to a Halloween party with our friends.  I borrowed a bat costume last minute from my sister in law...
Joey however prepped his costume weeks in advance.  He went as Sara from the Jimmy Fallon skits.

Sara with no "H" and her stepdad, Gary.
Quite terrifying if you ask me.
I told Joey next year he needs to dress as something half way attractive.
P.S. We didn't let Shepherd see Joey in costume (as not to scar him) but he did see the wig and he HATED it.

Can you tell that Joey has braces?  We he literally spent weeks working on perfecting those things.
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