I celebrated my 28th birthday yesterday.  It was a very low key day, considering the weather:
We stayed inside all day.  28 will be remembered as the year my birthday fell on the coldest day ever...I could have gone to the North Pole to warm up.  Although, the good thing about being 9 months pregnant during the Polar Vortex, is I'm always hot anyway so the blizzard temps don't bother me.

My grandma came to stay with us for a few days, so she got to celebrate with me.  She helped with Shepherd all day so I got to relax a little bit!

Since we didn't want to get out in the cold, Joey brought home Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
(The night before we had a date night at Red Lobster as my birthday dinner.  I'm really fancy.)

 Here is a close up of my cake.  I don't think Joey should plan on a second career as a baker ;)

Side note: I love butterfly clips.

And my favorite birthday present...the return of The Bachelor!


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