37 Weeks with Major William

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Between now and when I will have Major is such a weird time.  Its just kind of a limbo of waiting.  He's considered full term now, so I'm at a point where I can say "any day now" even though his official due date is still a few weeks away.  
I don't anticipate him coming early, but I guess you never know.  I can't decide on my official guess for his birthday.  Joey said February 1st, but I don't know if the hospital would allow me to go that long.  My sister in law thinks for sure he will come between the 17-19th, just because thats when she will be out of town and she would miss it.  My mother in law was worried I would go into labor last Friday, because she got married that day.  (Wedding pics coming soon, including the world's cutest ring bearer!)  I think he will come close to his due date or later.  He is officially due on January 23.

Warning: a rambling pregnant woman who is tired of being pregnant and a little grumpy:

The last month is the worst.  I'm so uncomfortable, I feel gross and fat, I have zero energy, nothing fits me.  I've been really emotional and cried the past 3 days.  I've cried because I hate everything and everybody and I've cried because I'm so happy.  You just never know what you're going to get with me right now.  
I feel like I have a million things I want to do to get ready for him, thanks to my nesting instincts in full gear, but I can't do any of them with a toddler either un-doing what I'm working on or making another mess.  I've been throwing stuff away like crazy, if it hasn't been used or doesn't fit or just looks at me funny its in the garbage.  I haven't even cared about recycling, I just do not have time for that.  
Trying to run errands with Shepherd is impossible, at least for me right now, so I just stay home.  At this point I am DONE and ready for Major to be here, except my nesting hasn't fully been satisfied, so I am anxious to have everything in place.  I want my mom!  I would die of happiness if my parents lived here and I could drop Shepherd off with them while I ran to the grocery.  That sounds like life's biggest luxury these days.  Grocery shopping is the worst.  9 months pregnant with a toddler who hates shopping carts, so I'm carrying him + pushing a shopping cart.  And yes I have called Kroger to complain about not being offered help out to my car.  
Anyway...wah wah.  I hate to complain because it could be worse.  I am so beyond thankful that all I have to complain about is being uncomfortable, I don't take mine or Major's good health for granted.  But its my blog so I guess I'll be honest.  

On my to do list to finish the nursery:
Changing pad cover
One more frame needs a picture to go in it
Can't decide if I want a bedskirt for the crib
Hang the mobile

On my nesting to do list:
Make freezer meals to eat after Major is born
Pack hospital bag
Write out birth plan and go over it with doula
Write shorter version of my birth plan to fit on one page, so nurses will read it
Have car seat installed (which means I need to order Shepherd's new car seat)
Get a gift for doula (I just anticipate wanting to give her a gift after his birth and want to have it ready)

On my prayer list:
Next Tuesday I have an ultrasound to check his size.  For VBAC patients, they do not want the baby to be I believe over 8 lbs 8oz.  If he looks like he is going to be larger than that, I'm afraid I'll have to fight the hospital for a VBAC.  I'm worried about this because with Shepherd they thought he was going to be a huge baby, "9-10 lbs" and he ended up being the tiniest little thing.  So I don't trust the ultrasound machines.  Major has measured right on track, whereas Shep measured big, so hopefully this won't be an issue.  I'm just hoping all goes well on Tuesday.  My midwife is wonderful and completely pro VBAC... I'm so glad I don't have the same doctor I did with Shepherd.  

It is so weird being pregnant.  Every organ in your body is moved to a different spot.  As I type this my stomach keeps gurgling, except its literally gurgling on my left side near my back.

Its also weird seeing "2 weeks" on my pregnancy countdown...even if it is 2 weeks + 6 days ;)


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