a look back at 2013 :: Jan - June

In January we hosted a NYE party and celebrated my 27th birthday.  We had a rare date night for Joey's holiday work party and I helped host my best friend's baby shower.
In February, Joey had to go to Seattle for work, so we my mom and grandma came up at different times to keep me and Shep company.  We also had snow, and Shep graduated from army crawling to full on off the belly crawling all over the house!

In March we enjoyed lots of good weather, I took Shep to Owensboro to visit family and he saw the river and played on the swings for the first time, we started redoing our kitchen and Joey was in our friend's Ryan and Sarah's wedding!
In April we spent a LOT of time outside and with friends.  And we finally finished the kitchen!

May was a big month!  Derby and Shepherd's birthday, weddings, Mother's Day... and finding out we were pregnant with baby #2!

In June we dedicated Shepherd at church, celebrated Joey's birthday and Father's Day, said goodbye to Chauncey and got our first look at Baby #2!


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