Everyday 2014: Week 3

These pictures are all pretty boring, but I figured I'd post them anyway.  Nothing too exciting going on when I'm this pregnant.

Jan 10:
Real life.  Note the piano in the corner.  Joey found it in the attic and decided to pick it back up.

Jan 11:
Saturday pedicure.

Jan 12:
Shep's first time in his new big boy car seat.

Jan 13:
Mondays are for The Bachelor.

Jan 14:
Bouncing on my birthing ball, getting ready for Major.  
And Shepherd must like this picture, because somehow in the 2 minutes it took me to put him in the car yesterday, he put a filter on this picture and uploaded it to Facebook.  I've got to stop letting him play with my phone!

Jan 15:
Shep went with me to the chiropractor.  I went to make sure Major is in a good position for birth and opening my pelvis up as much as possible so he has room!

Jan 16:
My current reading material.


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