Major's Nursery

We finished up Major's nursery last night, so I thought I'd share some pics.

Of course with my husband we had to have some plants!  This elephant planter we bought on My Habit.

 Love this little elephant.  Melissa and Doug brand we found on sale at Home Goods.
Joey painted the "L" and used stencils to put the MW on.
  The painting above his crib I painted myself!
The marionettes were a gift from our friend, Veda.  She sent them to us after she went on a trip to Prague!

Ikea spice racks for book shelves.  Shepherd may have already pulled the lower one off the wall 3 times.
 My sister in law, Caity, got both Shepherd and Major this adorable name puzzle for Christmas!
Pictures of Joey and I when we were little.
"Listen to your Mama."  Good advice!
The wooden giraffe was a gift from my friend, Tara, from Haiti.  She lives there as a missionary and she got Shepherd an elephant for his room!
The music scale at the top center is a "B Major" scale!  My husband's idea.  The upper right is a picture of my Papaw, who Major is named after.  Upper left is a picture of a pirate ship we got out of one of Joey's old nursery rhyme books.

P.S. Shepherd's nursery


  1. Love the nursery reveal! Do you mind if I pin a few pictures in my inspiration baby board?

  2. This is darling! Love the painting and triangles on the wall! Are those decals?

    1. Thank you! Yes they are little individual decals...a labor of love to get those things put up ;)

  3. Absolutely love the wall elephant planter! I wish I could find one!