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I had my 38 week appointment with Major on Tuesday.  I mentioned I was nervous about the ultrasound, because I didn't want them to think he was too big for me to have a VBAC.  Well he was right on track and the perfect candidate for a VBAC.  Thank you Lord!!  6 lbs 7 oz, which I think was probably accurate.  Shepherd was born at 39 weeks and weighed 6 lbs 10 oz.  So while I think ultrasounds are probably off a little, this seems to make more sense.  So now, for a VBAC I just have to go into labor on my own, before 40 weeks + 6 days according to the hospital, which would be January 29th.
My midwife also suggested I start doing squats a few times a day and watching tv at night on my hands and knees to get the baby into my pelvis and ready for birth.  So I look really cool.  And if you're interested, google "evening primrose for labor."  Hey, whatever it takes.  So theres that.  

My grandma has been staying at our house since Sunday.  We love having her come visit.  Shep thinks she's about the funniest person he knows, and Joey said he'd be fine if she just moved in.  I love my grandma!  Today I got to go out and run some errands by myself, since I had her here.  So nice to just quickly run in and out...or in some cases roam around way too long, since there isn't a toddler ready to leave ;)

Last night we had a visit with my doula.  I am so excited that I decided to hire a doula for Major's birth!
I'll do a separate post on exactly what a doula does.  Lexington has a doula group here called The Birth Haven, which is how I found my doula.  Every 2 weeks they have a "centering visit" where you go and there is usually a speaker or topic covered, then afterwards you can meet with your doula and talk about whatever.  This week I brought my birth plan and went over it with her.  And I love my husband, because while he is so supportive of all my choices and everything I'm doing to have a better experience for Major's birth...there is a lot of girl talk going on at these meetings and he said he's never heard the word 'cervix' used so much.  Haha, he's a trooper!

My doula asked me if I was mentally ready for Major to come.  I said I have a few loose ends I need to have ready, and then in my head I'll be ok for him to come.  Those two big things are I need Shepherd's new car seat installed and I need the Arms Reach co sleeper purchased and set up.  I joked that as soon as those two things happen my water will break.  Well the cars seat is ordered and will be here Friday and I went today and bought the co-sleeper, just need Joey to put it together.  The Arms Reach co-sleeper is basically a small pack and play, but it can be attached to the bed and adjusted to be the height of your bed.  I want Major sleeping right next to me, but not actually in bed with us.  The AAP recommends room sharing for 6 months, which is about how long Shep slept in our room.  However with him I had to get out of bed every time he woke up in the middle of the night, and it was even more exhausting.  With the Arms Reach, I can just sit up and get Major to nurse him.  

These pictures show off Shepherd's new haircut.  I sent Joey to take Shepherd to get his hair cut with these pictures to show the hairdresser:

Instead, he decided to tell the hairdresser to just buzz the whole thing.
I cried.
I don't plan on ever cutting his hair again!  He is still cute, but this is not his best look.  Sorry Shepherd!


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