a look back: pregnancy with Major

I was not as good at documenting my pregnancy with Major as I was with Shepherd.  #secondchildsyndrome
I promise it doesn't mean anything, Major! ;)
I did manage to put this together so we would have some documentation!
Everything is going really well as we adjust to have TWO under TWO.
I say that now, I've had Joey at home last week and my mom staying with me this week.  Hopefully I can handle it on my own.  I mentioned in my last post that Major was a little jaundiced, and we were doing at home light therapy with him.  I'm happy to say his levels significantly went down and we are no longer doing the lights, or having to get blood work done every day.  We are scheduled for his 2 week check up tomorrow...but I am pretty sure I'm going to have to reschedule due to the weather.
Just wanted to share a quick update!

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