birth plan for Major.

I made a goody basket for the nurses and put copies of my birth plan in it.  I had granola bars, some blue Hershey's kisses and packs of gum...maybe one more thing, I can't remember.  I thought if I had a goody basket the nurses would be more likely to read my birth plan.  I ended up not even needing it (more on that when I post Major's birth story!) but I still wanted to share.  I tried to make it short and focus on what was most important to me, as I'm sure no one would want to read the novel I could write!  I printed it on blue paper and also put a picture of me on the top of the birth plan...I wanted to make sure they knew exactly who I was and what I wanted!

So here is exactly what I printed and brought to the hospital:

Jessica Lawhorn --- Birth Plan for Major William Lawhorn
Thank you for helping me make this the birth experience I have prepared for and prayed about!

Present during labor and delivery:  Joey Lawhorn and doula, Sierra

I would like everything explained to me in laymen’s terms, and time to privately discuss options with my husband and doula.

Amenities:  I’d like to
-- have music playing, lights dimmed; staff to enter room quietly
-- have doula take pictures and video during labor and delivery

My goal is a medication free birth.  I am aware of my options, and will request pain medication if I change my mind.

Once admitted I’d like:
--- Joey and Sierra with me at all times
--- No medical/resident students present
--- to eat/drink as I wish
--- to walk and move around, use different positions for pain relief
--- Limit vaginal exams until I request one
--- No artificial rupture of membranes
--- As long as baby and I are doing fine, Intermittent Fetal Monitoring until Active Labor
--- Be allowed to progress without time limits/induction strategies

After delivery:
Delayed cord clamping...wait until cord stops pulsing.  My husband cut cord.

Baby put skin to skin immediately, stay this way until after baby has successfully nursed on both sides.

Delay newborn procedures, including bath, until after bonding.  If there are necessary procedures, please do them ON me.

Please allow my husband to perform/assist in any newborn procedures.

Breastfeed ASAP.  I will be exclusively breastfeeding.  Do not offer my baby formula/pacifier/etc.

Joey with baby at all times if for some reason I can’t be.

If our baby’s health is in jeopardy, I want to be with our baby at all times, breastfeed or express milk and have as much bodily contact as possible.

If baby’s temperature is a concern, I would like him to be skin to skin with me vs. in a warmer.

Please allow uninterrupted bonding time for us after the birth.  

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