Everyday 2014: catching up!

Having a baby put me a little behind, so I am just going to pick back up with last week and not worry about what we missed!

January 30: My best friend got them their first matching outfits!  Shepherd was so excited when we asked if he wanted to hold his baby brother.

January 31: Our friends Lindsay and Matt came over to bring us dinner and Shepherd had a blast playing with their son, Eli.

February 1: Shepherd slept in this for almost the first 6 months of his life...Major wasn't as big a fan of the Snug a Bunny.

February 2: Back to middle of the night feedings.  Its so hard to get out of bed, but once I'm up I love this time just the two of us while the rest of the house is quiet.

February 3: Gigi is here to spend the week with us!  Shepherd ran and crawled in her lap when I told him it was nap time, haha.

February 4: Major's first bath.  Poor baby.

February 5: Joey's sisters came over for dinner and Shepherd had so much fun playing with his cousin, Matthew.  He shows love by laying on top of you ;)

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