Everyday 2014

February 6: 
Isn't Major just the sweetest thing napping on my mom?

February 7:
After staying the week with us, my mom had to leave to go home :(
I cried as soon as she walked out the door.

February 8:
Snow Day!  Shep finally got some use out of his hand me down snow suit and went outside to play with Daddy.  He is obsessed with icicles.

February 9:
All of my boys.  I don't know where Shepherd picks up on the random things he gets obsessed with, but it is currently The Sound of Music.  He is partial to the Julie Andrews version, NOT Carrie.  If you give him Carrie, he shakes his head and says "no...no..." in the sweetest little voice.  He really likes to listen to Do Ri Me, and Joey's started playing it for him on his little xylophone.

February 10:
Major came with me to my 2 week postpartum checkup.

February 11:
The two of them together melts my heart!!

February 12:
Shepherd was so excited to have Major in his crib.  Brotherly love!


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