Everyday 2014

February 13: 
Little photo sesh to celebrate Major turning 3 weeks old!
February 14: 
Valentine's Day with my boo,

February 15: 
We had such a fun time at Sarah and Ryan's baby shower and getting to see all of our friends.  Shepherd was happy to hang out with his BFF Grayson!  Isn't he the cutest!?

February 16:
A belated Valentine's Day dinner at Red Lobster.  Joey is rarely cooperative of my picture taking :(

February 17: 
No makeup, new mom snuggles with my littlest man.  Love him so much!  Also I had just gotten back from getting my hair done...I'm on the road to brunette!

February 18:  
Is there anything better than a baby who is PASSED OUT like this?  It just doesn't get more relaxed.  I could eat him, I swear!

February 19:
A slowly waking up smile.



  1. February 17 picture Major's face says "quit taking pictures and give me the boobie!" :) ♥Amanda Glenn